Robot in every family. Intel announced the designer to create your own robot

Even more - Intel Corporation today announced a project to, in essence, is to create an ecosystem for domestic robots. The term "ecosystem" in this case refers to the directory and applications, and models for 3D printing, accessories and more.

The company has already presented two versions of "designer" to create robots.

first set is designed for professionals, and professionals with money. Over 16 thousand dollars, you can get everything you need to create an advanced robot with a processor Intel Core i5-4250U, up to 16 GB of RAM, 32 GB SSD. This robot will be equipped with all possible ports and wireless communication modules.

In addition, the "robot for professionals," Jimmy, comes with a full set of software. In general, Jimmy positioned not as a single robot, but as a research platform for robotics, electronics, and other professionals.

As to the second robot / set, everything is easier. Price - $ 1600 configuration - less productive. But there is a possibility to change any part / assembly, and then play back its completion on a 3D printer. The platform is open, so that third-party developers can create programs and any accessories for this robot. There will be a special catalog of applications, 3D-models for printing (suddenly want to change the shape and appearance of your home assistant).

According to the authors of the project, all this will create a new ecosystem, exclusively for robots. Hundreds and thousands of applications, new forms, details, this may begin with the rapid development of the "home" of robotics.

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