6 exercises for the eyes, which is worth doing every day

eyes need exercise, especially if you spend much time at the computer. Website has selected some good exercises that should be done every day.

All exercises are performed without glasses or contact lenses, slowly, in a relaxed atmosphere.

To improve the circulation of blood and intraocular zhidkosti1. Somknite eyelids of both eyes for 5 seconds, click on the same time. Repeat 8 times.

2. somknite eyelids index fingers gently, without pressure, massage the eye (roundabout) in a minute.

3. Whirlpool. Waking from sleep, first flush eyes with warm water, then cool. In the evening all again in reverse order: first cool and then warm.

To improve akkomodatsiiAkkomodatsiya - is the ability of the eye to adapt to external conditions.

4. Attach the window glass at eye level color label diameter of 5 millimeters, stand by a window at a distance of 35 centimeters, then away from the line of sight through the mark, mark the desired object (this may be the crown of a tree, antenna, balcony opposite). See the label for 2 seconds, then looks at the selected object - Hold it for 2 seconds. Then again put the look on the label.

For rasslableniya5. First aid for eyes: Close them for a few minutes and imagine something pleasant. And if you rub the palms of your hands and cover your eyes with warm palms, fingers crossed in the middle of the forehead, the effect will be more noticeable.

To strengthen the eye myshts

Look up and down with the maximum amplitude. Draw a circle clockwise and vice versa. Draw eyes diagonally. Draw eyes square . The look is in an arc - convex and concave. Draw a glance diamond. Draw eyes bows. Draw the letter S - first horizontally and then vertically. Draw eyes vertical arc, first clockwise, then - against. looked from one corner to the other on the diagonal of the square. To reduce pupils to the nose hard, bringing a finger to his nose. Frequently often blink - like a butterfly waving its wings. Photo source on preview: collective-evolution

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