7 unusual ways to use mayonnaise. So, what are you hardly suspected!

Many of us can not imagine cooking culinary without mayonnaise. It gives dishes interesting and delicious taste. This product is filled in salads, pasta and ravioli sprinkled, spread on bread and so on. But most people have excluded it from your diet, because the sauce contains a lot of calories. Editorial prepared 7 ways to use non-traditional mayonnaise that will please even those who do not eat this product.

1. We remove traces
Footprints in the hands of the oil, rosin, oil can be removed using mayonnaise. Smear their hands, rub a little, leave for a while, and then wash off with hot water.

2. Remove white spots
If you want to remove white spots on the wet wooden table with dishes, dirty place smear mayonnaise, clean cloth. After a while, wipe with a damp cloth.

3. Hair products
If you want to have beautiful hair, then use homemade mayonnaise. The yolk makes hair shine, vegetable oil moisturizes, mustard stimulates hair growth and adds the amount of vinegar. Apply 1 tbsp. l. homemade mayonnaise on the hair, hold for a while, and then wash well with soap.

4. Saves lice
If your child is picked up lice smear his head with homemade mayonnaise. After a few hours of parasites there will be no spirit.

5. Erase Drawings
If children izrisoval walls, apply a small amount of mayonnaise on a cloth and wipe the dirt. Footprints will go very easily.

6. Strengthens nails
To not sloilis nails were strong, makes periodic masks for hands mayonnaise. This product moisturizes and nourishes.

7. Remove tracks from labels
To get rid of the annoying traces of labels, use mayonnaise. More details can be seen in the video.

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