How to look 20 50: stunning supermodel shares her experience. Fantastic!

At first glance it is difficult to guess what this woman for 50 years. The actress and top model Elle Macpherson still draws admiring glances of fans. It is no secret that stunning appearance - the result of hard work on himself. Moreover, El willing to share their experiences with women around the world. Pretty argues that regularly engaged in fitness, it helps her to keep it a terrific figure.

El advises to download the press via the Swedish wall, pulling his knees to his chest. This exercise will help to achieve good results, not wasting time on the slopes.

Training legs, supermodel perform squats and lunges. To tighten the buttocks, it is advised to contact the ankle tape and walk for a while. It is perfectly tighten the muscles and improve posture.

And another little secret: in order to remove the strain on your feet, you need to roll the foot tennis ball. This will help the girls who love to walk on his heels.

Elle Macpherson advises not to exhaust yourself physically demanding and diet. It is important to do the exercises regularly and with pleasure. Every girl can pick up something for everyone: swimming, yoga, jogging, skiing.

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