How to prepare mayonnaise at home

The fact that homemade products are more useful and tasty, no doubt. In addition, it allows you to know for sure what is contained in it and not worry about the possibility of eating harmful preservatives. This is especially true if we are talking about mayonnaise.

Store-bought mayonnaise often can be harmful because of the content of flavour enhancers and food additives that prolong its shelf life up to one month. However, this fact does not make the sauce — add it to salads, snacks, main dishes, and even fill them with soups.

A bit of history There are several versions of the appearance of mayonnaise. One of them says that mayonnaise "Provencal" was invented by the chef of the besieged the Spanish city of Mahon. For a long time the Duke of Richelieu was served only scrambled eggs, because the warehouses were only eggs and olive oil. After the perturbation, the chef decided to be smart and made a new dish, just mix until smooth the sugar, olive oil and egg yolks. New sauce like Duke and was named in honor of Mahon.

In another version, the mayonnaise is a direct ancestor of hot sauce, Ali-Oli, which was prepared in Spain. It was a mixture of eggs, garlic and sunflower oil. A resourceful French chefs gave him a French name. In the USSR, by the way, Mayo appeared in 1936, when it was tested and approved by Stalin. First ate "Provencal", and after the war began to appear sauces from tomato paste, grated horseradish, chopped gherkins and capers.

The calorie content of mayonnaise depending on the mass fraction of fat mayonnaise happens:
  • high-calorie — more than 55%,
  • srednekaloriynye — 40-50%,
  • low calorie — less than 40%.
A perfect fat mayonnaise — 67%, but sometimes reaches up to 80%. Its calorie content can be up to 800 kilocalories per 100 grams. To abuse this sauce definitely not worth it. Sometimes (when possible) is better to replace sour cream or a lighter option.

Homemade mayonnaise If you still can't replace mayonnaise, try making it yourself. So you will know that it contains no harmful preservatives. In addition, it will turn out to be so delicious that store-bought mayonnaise, you'll never want to try. The only disadvantage of home-made mayonnaise — you can't store it for too long even in the refrigerator. The maximum period for 7-10 days. But if you remember that cooking takes 5-10 minutes, this drawback does not seem significant.

The secrets of making mayonnaise When making mayonnaise at home is important to consider some of the subtleties by which you will get a perfect result. Please note that all the ingredients that you are going to use must be at room temperature.
Select the "right" oil. The best option – refined olive oil, which is considered a classic ingredient in homemade mayonnaise. It is quite possible to replace sunflower oil, refined but not necessarily. You can also use a mixture of olive and other vegetable oils.
Add the butter is 1 teaspoon, stirring constantly (whisking with a whisk or with a mixer) the mixture.
Mayonnaise "Provencal" is prepared with the addition of mustard. If you want ordinary mayonnaise, simply do not include this component.
If you have no lemon juice, you can substitute table wine or Apple cider vinegar. 1 egg-you can take 1 teaspoon of vinegar, not more.
If you want to make the mayonnaise thicker, add a little vegetable oil. But if mayonnaise is, by contrast, is too thick, add 1-2 tablespoons of warm water and once again shake the ground.

Recipe for homemade mayonnaise Mayonnaise without any flavors, colors and additional ingredients. The classic version of mayonnaise contains egg yolks, vegetable oil, salt, mustard and lemon juice. Ingredients:
  • Желток2 PCs.
  • Vegetable масло250 ml
  • Соль1/2 tsp.
  • Lemon сок1 tbsp
  • Горчица1-2 tsp
Preparation method Mix with a whisk the egg yolks, salt and sugar. You can also use a mixer. Mix until then, until the sugar and salt is completely dissolved, forming a homogeneous mass. Gradually pour in the vegetable oil one spoon. Constantly stir. Add lemon juice and mustard. In the end you should get a homogeneous thick sauce.

Homemade mayonnaise without eggs Is believed that the composition of mayonnaise has to have eggs, but there are many recipes for preparing this sauce without the yolks. We offer you the easiest recipe. Mayonnaise is obtained with a pleasant lemon taste, is ideal for casseroles, salads, sandwiches. Ready in five minutes. Ingredients:
  • Молоко150 ml
  • Vegetable масло300 ml
  • Горчица1 tbsp
  • Сок2 lemon-3 tbsp
  • , Listo taste
Method of preparation Mix milk and oil in the bowl of a blender or other container with high sides. Add salt and mustard. Re-whisk — the mixture should start to turn into the emulsion. When this happens, add lemon juice and whisk until thick. To taste you can add a pinch of sugar, and lemon juice to replace vinegar.


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