What's in your fridge?

Teplukhina Lyudmila, 74, a retired pediatrician
In the fridge: milk, fermented baked milk, butter, flaxseed oil, fish oil, apples, grapes, plums, medicines
In a saucepan: boiled vegetables

Sergei Kulikov, 59 years old, a mechanical engineer
In the fridge: ketchup, milk, a bottle of beer, mayonnaise, cheese, jam, pickled fish, sausages, vegetables, medicines

Imachikova Jamila, 51, director of the magazine "Good»
In the fridge: beer

Lukatkina Galina, 54, a kindergarten teacher
In the fridge: cheese, sausage, yogurt own production, sour cream, mayonnaise, vegetables, pears, candied raspberries, potatoes, eggs, chocolates, waffles
In a saucepan: boiled buckwheat

Aulbekova Asel, 23, a senior accountant
In the fridge: processed cheese "Philadelphia", corn, ukcus, soy sauce


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