Secrets classic breakfast. 7 mistakes that we make in preparing scrambled eggs.

Scrambled eggs - a simple dish that can cook, even those who are not has great culinary skills. This is one of the easiest meals that you can apply to lunch. Nevertheless, many of us cook it properly. Most people fry the eggs until solid. Correctly prepared talkers should be soft and slightly moist texture. We have prepared for you a list of the most common mistakes made when preparing scrambled eggs. If you're going to avoid them, the dish will be more delicious and air.


Error № 1. You have chosen the wrong pan
Choose a medium-sized pan. It is best to take iron container with a thick bottom. Then, fast food does not have time to burn on.

Error № 2. You have to add milk instead of cream
It is undesirable to add milk instead of cream, as the eggs will turn watery. That fat in the cream helps to retain moisture in proteins.

To enhance the taste of eggs is desirable to add an extra egg yolk. The longer and more carefully you mix eggs and cream, whisk or fork, turn out so tasty scrambled eggs. Eggs are better to mix right before cooking.

Error № 3. You're breaking eggs directly into the pan
It is best to use the knife. The shell must break up and its pieces do not have to get into the eggs. A yolk should be left whole.

Error № 4. You cook over high heat
Never cook scrambled eggs over high heat. Please go on low heat, though it can take longer. Thus, you reduce the risk of burning and darkening eggs. You will have more time to monitor the cooking process.

Error № 5. You do not know how to cook eggs
Scrambled eggs cooked very quickly. When the eggs are still moist, remove them from the heat and let stand for a while. They reach under the influence of the residual heat in the pan.

Error № 6. Do you use old egg
Choose eggs that are not following week. Take fresh that were long in the refrigerator. From pet eggs to get the most air and light omelette.

Error № 7. You solish wrong time
Seasoned dish, where the mass begins to solidify.

Keep these tips the next time to cook perfect scrambled eggs. These tips will be useful to many, so do not forget to share them with your friends!



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