12 common mistakes that we all make when cooking

Since childhood, we watched as prepared by our mothers and grandmothers, and now, like them, we wash the pasta after cooking, so they do not stick together, cook the potatoes with the lid open, and do many other things that happen to do it is not necessary. Website is about the most common cooking mistakes that probably familiar to you.

Rinse the pasta you? h3> The only answer: no, this is a mistake. This habit has gone from the Soviet era, when the sale of pasta were just ordinary flour. Such pasta stick together if they are not washed immediately.

We are dealing mostly with pasta from durum wheat, they do not stick together, if you boil them in a large amount of water without a lid. If they nevertheless began to stick together, add a little butter or oil.

By the way, the broth in which the cooked pasta are good, the Italian landlady always used for cooking sauce for pasta.

Do Fry in olive oil? h3> When we prepare dishes from Mediterranean cuisine, hand and reaches for the olive oil. And often, trying to make the dish even better, we choose for frying valuable oil virgin.

It's better to save it for salads or other cold dishes. The temperature of the combustion of oil extra virgin is quite low, so there is a risk to spoil the taste of burning products and also receive a portion of carcinogens. Use ordinary refined olive oil.

When putting tomatoes in soup or hot h3> haste often want to put in a pan or a saucepan all ingredients at the same time, all prepared without our participation. In some cases, it's probably possible, but not when there are tomatoes in the dish.

To avoid errors, remember the golden rule: acid (a tomato - is a product in which it is a lot) accelerates the preparation of meat, but it does not prepare the vegetables. That is, if you are cooking, for example, soup, then tomatoes or tomato paste should be put after the potatoes, carrots, cabbage and other vegetables already cooked. If you cook the meat, the tomatoes well put right, then the meat becomes even softer.

To cook potatoes, covered or not? h3> Water boils and escapes. A familiar problem for those who do a lot of things at once. I want to remove the lid to avoid such trouble. But if you cook potatoes and other vegetables - this is a mistake. The fact that closing the lid, we maintain the aroma, the taste, the useful properties of the products and also do the cooking process faster.

Can I eat cake right out of the oven h3> Imagine mom prepares the cake smell spreads throughout the house, the household gradually shrink to the kitchen in anticipation of goodies, and that's a welcome dessert is ready, but my mother says, "And now we're an hour Wait! ". Cruelly, you say, but no, mom is absolutely right. It's not so much that can be burned, although it is certainly important, but the fact that the hot cake lose shape when sliced, and that taste is very hot product is impossible to feel fully. Cakes eaten warm or cold. Some particularly good on the second day. Well, the so-called Christmas cupcakes with alcohol and dried fruits in general kept for months!

Is Empty the bottle of unfinished wine h3> Yes, the wine disappears, loses flavor and hardly anyone would drink it the next day, but still pour it - this is a mistake. If you have red wine, use it to beef Bourguignon sauce or pasta bolognese. If white, then cook him chakhokhbili. If you have any cider, make pork in Normandy. In today's economic climate it is very correct, moreover, even when you open a bottle of good wine, just to cook the meat?

Why turkey fillet dry h3> Turkey - a useful, rich in protein, not fat, but dry meat. All right, except for the last. A common myth about dry turkey is based on the system error - cooking time. Breast cooked very quickly - about 7 minutes in the pan for 15 minutes in the oven. Let's just say, take the meat from the fire should be when you think that it is a little not ready.

How to cook broccoli h3> Another well-known by its use of a product that few people like. Again, blame is a common mistake in the preparation too long cooking and as a result, unpleasant taste and appearance. Green vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus and peas, should be prepared in large quantities of salt water. In no case do not digest. And most importantly, after they are cooked, discard in a colander and put it in cold water to complete the cooking process. This method is called blanching. Thanks to him, the vegetables are delicious, beautiful and useful.

The liver h3> It is often recommended to have a liver for people with reduced hemoglobin, and they use it as a medicine, without any pleasure. But if you avoid certain mistakes, it can bring considerable gastronomic delight.

First, choose beef liver, pork and not because it is a more delicate taste and uniform consistency. Secondly, it is necessary to remove the bile ducts, otherwise the dish will taste bitter. And thirdly, as usual, you can not overdo! If the liver is cut into slices 1 cm thick, they will be ready for about 2 minutes on each side.

Toppings pizza h3> So you kneaded or bought pizza dough, roll it and maybe even planted a couple of times, as it is done in good pizzerias. And now thinking about stuffing. We will not talk about what it should be, but let's say about its quantity. A common mistake - too much sauce, sausage, cheese and other ingredients that make pizza in the flan. A moderate amount of stuffing needed to batter was crispy, does not bend and the piece could take and eat with your hands, like this, in fact, it should be.

The fish falls apart and burns h3> Yes, unfortunately, very often. This is due to the fact that we mistakenly forget salt. Salt should be prepared for frying pieces for 15 minutes before cooking, but also must not forget prisolit oil in which the fish is fried. In that case you will get a whole and beautiful dish.

Boiled eggs without cracking h3> In most cases the integrity of the shell does not matter, because the eggs are in a salad, or simply be eaten immediately. But once a year, at Easter, eggs are one of the main dishes on the table. Then their view should be impeccable.

Errors which lead to cracking in the absence of salt are too high temperature water. So, to the shell remained intact, and the protein has not flowed out, to put the eggs in a sufficiently large container, cover them with cold water, pour lots of salt and not to boil too much.

Why does not rise yeast dough? h3> The dough yeast is one of the most capricious and the causes can be many. But the two most common mistakes - it's the old yeast and tap water. When selecting yeast, stop for those released recently and, of course, never use bags have been commenced. In tap water, even passed through the filter contains chlorine, which prevents the growth of yeast, however in pancakes, for example, are best used nonfat milk at room temperature.

The refrigerator or not? h3> Proper storage - is also part of the culinary arts. Surprisingly, in the case of spices, honey and bread, we often make the mistake of not removing them in the refrigerator. And it was in a dark and cool place, they retain their properties best. But bananas and tomatoes, on the contrary, in the refrigerator lose their appearance and aroma.

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