14 culinary mistakes that prevent your dishes to be perfect

Each of us familiar with culinary failure — stuck together pasta, meat, more reminiscent of a piece of old rubber, soggy pies and a million more "masterpieces" that make you disappointed in your own abilities.

The website has gathered for you some of the common mistakes budding chefs, getting rid of them you will become a cooking guru. At least they should.

Rinse pasta

Rinsing pasta with cold water after cooking can lead to fainting of any Italian — because on its surface remains a valuable starch that helps the sauce soak. Moreover, the water in which the pasta was cooked, Italian Housewives used to dilute thick sauces.

Cook tomatoes along with other vegetables

One of the most common mistakes novice cooks is to put the tomatoes in the dish together with potatoes, carrots and other vegetables. The acid in tomatoes slows down the cooking process other vegetables, which cooking may be delayed. For this reason, the vinegar in dishes add when the dish is almost ready to serve.

Salt the broth at the beginning of cooking

It's very simple — if you salt the broth at the beginning of cooking, there is a risk to obtain a very salty dish, because the water during cooking is to boil. By the way, the secret to a tasty broth is to put meat in cold water. But if you plan to cook the excellent meat, the water intended for cooking should be boiled.

Use a blender for mashed potatoes

Blender, of course, a great help in the preparation of food weight, but not when we are talking about mashed potatoes. The most delicious "Tachanka" it turns out, if you do it the old fashioned way, using tolkushkoy, and then beat the usual fork. By the way, professional chefs have carefully drained all the water in which potatoes are cooked, and even dried it right in the pot.

Use very little or too much spice

We chefs have a joke about the fact that insufficient salting a dish is too salty is much worse. The same applies to any seasonings and spices — a lack of it can affect the quality of food, literally depriving him of the taste. But putting all the spices that are only found on the shelves, not worth it — "the pen" in this case is just as bad as "under".

Put lots of toppings on a pizza

At first glance it may seem that the more toppings on a pizza, so it turns out beautiful and delicious. However, it is not — when cooking pizza it is better to adhere strictly to the amounts of the ingredients specified in the recipe. So you can get a crispy dough that will not SAG and will give you the opportunity to eat pizza with your hands is exactly the same as doing in her homeland.

Cook the dough in a small amount of water

Pasta, dumplings and other dough products necessary to cook in a large quantity of water. If water is not enough, then the batter is in danger of becoming a paste, and then instead of mouth-watering dishes you get something less reminiscent of a delicious meal. In addition, the pasta or the dumplings will stick not only to each other but also to the sides of the pan, and wash it, you see — something else fun.

Chop onions in advance

Finely chopped onion quickly becomes bitter, so the dishes with it also begin to taste bitter. The same thing can happen if you cut onions with a dull knife. So chop those onions need right before laying in the dish and only sharpened with a knife.

Slice the meat steak along the grain

Even the best meat can be turned into a real "sole of Shoe" if you cut it along the grain. Frying such pieces will shrink and become very hard. To avoid this, the meat should be cut across the grain — then it will not change its shape during cooking and will remain soft.

To extinguish soda with vinegar

Despite the fact that this technique is used still by our grandmothers, practical sense it is not. When extinguishing all the carbon dioxide that was supposed to give the dough lightness, gets in the air, but for raising test meets the baking soda, which is in the process of this chemical experience has been outstanding. In one of the old recipes to give the dough lightness recommend the use of this technique: W1/4 Cup water to dissolve a spoonful of baking soda and the other Cup with the same amount of water — a teaspoon of citric acid, and then add to the dough.

Bake the potatoes immediately after slicing

Agree, baked slices of potatoes with a crispy crust look very appetizing. In the picture. In practice, to achieve such a crust can be very difficult. However, if you soak the slices for a couple of hours in cold water before you put them on a baking sheet, then once the starch is gone, and after baking, the potatoes will look just like the pages of culinary magazines.

Cooking vegetables for a long time

Even if you're not a fan of dishes al dente, it is worth remembering that all green vegetables, such as broccoli or spinach, do not tolerate long cooking. Therefore, used for their preparation, this cooking technique as blanching is a short heat treatment in boiling water. The duration varies from 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the selected vegetables. This method of cooking will not only preserve their taste and color, but minimizes the loss of vitamins.

Fried onions and carrots at the same time

One of the most common mistakes when creating sautéing for the soup (which by mistake is called "zazharku") — put onions and carrots into the pan at the same time. Actually the first thing put the onions, wait until he starts to become translucent, and then add the carrots. The secret is simple: contrary to popular belief, the onions cook longer, and Podgora, acquires a bitter taste, which is transferred to the dish.

Neglect the sugar while cooking savory dishes

This, of course, is not about adding to the soup in the proportions of sugar used for jam. However, a small pinch of sugar in the soup, hodgepodge, goulash or other dishes — especially those that contain acidic ingredients like tomatoes, is able to qualitatively improve the taste. By the way, this rule works in the opposite direction — a pinch of salt in dishes of sweet dough gives the cakes a more intense flavor.

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