12 most beautiful and low-maintenance houseplants that will make your home more comfortable

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It is easier to achieve comfort in the home with houseplants. And the benefits are obvious — the air clear. But that's not every housewife has time every day to mess with the plant. But there's always a way! Site shares with you how to green the apartment effortlessly.


Easy to care for, undemanding houseplant, the only requirement is try not to move the pot. If you decide to breed cleave at home, the place it is easy as clivia tolerates bright diffused light or partial shade. Cleave need to water once every 15 days in winter and once in 5-7 days in other seasons. Blooms up to 2 times per year.


The plant is able to make their own water supplies, so it is perfectly resistant to dryness and heat to 50 °C. in Winter, at home care and maintenance lithops are minimized. The colors must ensure good lighting and a cool room temperature — not above 12 °C. it should be Watered from spring to autumn every 15 days


Very easy to care for. And accidentally fallen leaf can easily take root and grow into an independent beautiful tree.


This popular houseplant has managed to win the attention and love of many connoisseurs. The bright leaves of Croton will make any home interior sparkle and originality. The flower can grow up to 70 cm in height. Quite unpretentious, so any host will be able to find a place in your home.


Bromeliads are ideal for keeping not only at home but in the office. Tropical beauties is hardy, does not require frequent stops, and can live without feeding.


True Queen of the tropics, is able to impress the bright colors of the leaves even seasoned grower. This showy plant has not gained the deserved popularity, but surely coming for her, conquering the hearts of flower lovers of exotic beauty and ruggedness.


Basic requirements fittonia — regular spraying and abundant watering in summer. The plant has many types with a variety of color of the leaves. The composition of several fittoni in one pot — an unusually spectacular.

Aukuba Japanese

Aukuba loves the shade, and in bright light it is necessary to provide partial shade. Prefers moderate humidity and watering and easily tolerate sudden changes in temperature. Aukuba grows up to 1.5 m in height and can enjoy its beauty for decades.


This plant does not like too abundant watering or drying out of the soil. Water the flower moderately. And should be regularly sprayed his crown in water or even arrange a shower.


Hoya loved by gardeners not only for ruggedness, but also for decorative appearance during flowering. The flowers of Hoya appear on old stems, so they need to save. Hoya likes warm, bright place without drafts.


Prefers bright light but no direct sunlight and draughts (18-24 °C). The Saintpaulia need to put so that it does not touch the window glass. Pour warm water as the drying of the soil.


A plant for large areas, grows to 5 m. Not capricious flower, but it requires a light place and periodic spraying.

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