5 noble ways to cook eggs

For some scrambled eggs is a quick and nutritious Breakfast for the lazy – and even lunch, and dinner. It's simple and fast: break the egg into the pan. But today, you will know the art of cooking Eggs!

Here are a few simple and fast, but more interesting ways to cook your favorite eggs.



white bread (not white, the main thing – with a crust)



The first method of cooking eggs is simple as five cents, as you know, simplicity is the key to success. Take a slice of bread and take out his core – he will be a form for eggs. Lightly fry it in a pan.

  • In the resulting "form" pour the egg, lightly salt and fry only one side and from two. You can experiment with the ingredients, adding cheese or tomatoes.

Scrambled eggs in French


4-5 ainstain, metamisol, pepper, spices – to taste


First, you must pour the cream into the pan (without oil!) and wait until evaporated liquid. Then carefully pour the eggs, salt-pepper and cover the pan with a lid. Turn off or make the minimum fire, wait 5 minutes! Breakfast is ready.

Eggs in tomatoes


escapology (based on one tomato one egg)butter maslool, pepper, herbs, spices – kusunose PREPARATION:

This method takes 10-15 minutes longer than the previous one, but it's worth it. First, take a tomato, cut the top, remove with a spoon the pulp to form a "Cup". This "Cup" inside grease with butter. Pour back the egg (do not damage the yolk), add salt, pepper and herbs and put in oven for about 20 minutes.

Eggs in a basket

INGREDIENTS: eggs (preferably quail)


white bread

salt, pepper, seasoning – to taste



This method is a bit more complicated, because for him you will have to look for baking muffins, or any other similar form). The bread should be cut into small slices and lay them in a baking dish. Then you need to fry a couple of minutes the bacon, but to make it so that it is soft – do not overdo it! Bacon spread out along the walls of the bread basket. It remains only to pour the egg (or two in the case of the quail), and flavoring. In the oven cooking will take about 7 minutes and in the microwave – 2 minutes.

Scrambled eggs copyright


eggs (3-4 pieces)




salt, pepper, herbs, spices – to taste



This recipe is versatile: any ingredient (except the eggs, of course) can be replaced with anything – use your imagination and resources of your refrigerator. First you need to cut the sausages and tomatoes in rings and fry them. Then pour into the pan the eggs and top with rubbed or finely chop (if too lazy to RUB, and the cheese, season with salt and pepper and cover with lid. Cook over low heat. After 5-7 minutes, this wonderful Breakfast can be eaten, garnished with greens. published Bon appetit!


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