10 very quick recipes for hungry and lazy

The modern pace of life leaves little time and sometimes effort on the cooking. The more valuable and useful are those dishes, preparation of which does not eats up your resources, does not require special skills or super-rare ingredients. In our selection — pasta, scrambled eggs, muffin, pizza, cake and even sorbet. The cooking time of each dish does not exceed 15 minutes.

Quick pasta with spicy перцем

In Italian cuisine a variety of easy and delicious recipes. And even if the fridge is almost empty, there is always at least a small piece of Parmesan cheese, hot pepper and garlic.

Pasta with zucchini for 15 минут

The recipe is not quite winter, but a bit of summer right in the middle of winter can't stop us. And along with the vitamins and good mood!

Fried in vegetable колечках

Interesting and fast option to diversify your Breakfast to cook eggs in the vegetable rings of peppers or even onions.

Scrambled eggs in the microwave: recipe for the lazy and голодных


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