6 drinks to help forget about the food. Control the appetite, my friends!

The diet does not seem to you an intolerable burden, if you use a little trick. Drink when you want to eat! Appetite - Guest unpredictable, and often it appears that after the main meal took even less than an hour. Due to hormonal disruptions in the body, especially the metabolism, constant stress, some people difficult to control appetite. You can take pills to reduce the constant desire for something a snack, and you can try this miracle drink. We offer five options as to satisfy hunger, not eating at the same time a crumb!

1. Compote sugar-free
You can use any berries and fruits: currants, cherries, blueberries, gooseberries, apples ... You can create assorted fruit compote can cook one ingredient. Compote will kill your appetite will satisfy you with vitamins, will help to improve digestion and eliminate toxins from the body. Of course, it is better to drink the fresh fruit compote - preserved are usually prepared with sugar, and that we do not need.

2. The broth is made from apples and raisins
Sweet and sour broth from fresh apples and raisins will control not only the appetite, but also the acidity of the stomach. Thanks to its unique composition, it is very useful for children and lactating women, and for those who want to lose weight is a real find! A handful of raisins, 1 apple, a small pot of water - everything you need to prepare a useful drink.

3. Compote of dried fruits
Dried fruits have the ability to excrete uric acid, prevent dehydration, the blood is saturated with potassium and magnesium. Compote of dried fruits is not particularly high in calories, but it seems quite nutritious. Calyx such compote - a panacea for sudden attack of hunger, tested edited!

4. Water with lemon and honey
It happens that the appetite and as such is not, but ... much like sweet water with honey and lemon - an excellent option to overcome the dangerous desires. You can add to this drink cinnamon, accelerates metabolism, cardamom, a pinch of nutmeg. It smells great, looks delicious, it has a chance to stick your favorite diet and more.

5. Broth hips
Rosehip is rich in vitamin C, has a cathartic properties - a very useful drink when a sore throat. Also rosehips has the property to improve peristalsis. If you are on a diet, boil drink from the hips for the future - sweet notes in the acidic drink to quench thirst, and, and hunger while promoting weight loss.

6. Kefir
Choosing low-fat yogurt instead of a snack, you vytyanesh lucky ticket. Fermented milk products with low fat diet will help keep disruption without and - Thoroughly clean the body. The yogurt can add spices - cinnamon is not only familiar but also different dried herbs such as basil and rosemary. Aroma and satisfies hunger without harm to the figures!

To drink between meals, you can use herbal teas. Teas with chamomile, mint, lungwort - great drinks, light interrupting hunger. Kvass home production is also able to curb hunger. If you have regular tea are not happy and you're looking into a cup with hungry eyes, you can add a little drink skim milk, a pinch of vanilla. The illusion of a nutrient drink win the desire to eat, try!

These tricks are known to many people who can not imagine their life without dieting. Drinks are very effective and give an excellent result: control hunger becomes real. Check and show friends how you can lose weight with pleasure!

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