Sugar - a first means of unwanted hair. Check before you deny!

Sugar hair removal - it's an adventure. But if you learn to do it correctly, other means for removing unwanted hair will seem very imperfect. Shugaring allows you to remove the small hairs from the root, in this procedure destroys the hair bulb. This means that the skin will be smooth for a long time after this hair removal. Sugar method of hair removal is a natural, hypoallergenic means, suitable for sensitive skin. Of course, when the skin separates from the caramel mass, a little hurt. But the usual hair removal is feeling worse! After shugaring no irritation, the remains of sugar mixtures are easily washed off with warm water. It seems that these advantages are more than enough to try this wonderful home remedy.

Paste sugar hair removal

Ingredients: em>

6 tablespoons. l. sugar; 2 tbsp. l. water; 1 tbsp. citric acid without top. Preparation: em>

1. Stir the water and sugar and put on a small fire. After boiling, add citric acid. Stir the pasta during cooking.

2. When the color of sugar paste becomes honey, check the readiness - Put a little glass of water. If the droplet does not spread - the mixture is ready!

3. Fracture pasta in plastic container and let it cool to room temperature.

Before the procedure shugaring very useful to look at some videos in which skillful girls easily remove hair with caramel balls. It takes practice, so everything turned out perfectly. Prisyp area of ​​skin with unwanted hair powder or talc. Apply a film of sugar against the hair growth. Pull the skin as much as possible and lift the film of the hair growth. On the first attempt does not come off all his hair - do not be surprised, this is normal. Repeat the procedure again. Discomfort from a hair removal is the result: as much as 2-3 weeks when the hair does not appear, there is a bristle - is a delight ...

Muslim women who remove hair from almost all over the body without fail, use the method of diabetes since ancient times. Sugar hair removal is suitable even for bikini and underarms ... Take advantage of this method may you become its ardent fan and even want to advise shugaring close friend!



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