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In 1914 the magazine "London Opinion" was released with a cover depicting a drilling gaze and pointing at the viewer British War Minister Lord Kitchener. The inscription reads: "You want your country».

Illustration rather unceremoniously. Field Marshal poke a finger in his face, and according to etiquette, the use of the index finger of showing even to inanimate objects - impolite. In addition, the hand is shown in a white glove, symbolizing a major military post. That is, you need their own country but know your place. The viewer seems that painted eyes watching them from any angle. Index finger plays the same role - he shows the viewer, even if you get to the image side. The First World War. Illustration has been asked - with the consent of her magazine altered in military poster.

In January 1916, a new poster, this time to draw and without gloves on hand. Depicts the finger at the viewer John Bull (British collective image, similar to Uncle Sam).

In July 1916, when the United States was preparing to participate in the First World War, James Montgomery Flagg illustration with the words "What are you doing for readiness?" With a picture of Uncle Sam appears on the cover of an illustrated weekly magazine "Leslis." In February 1917, exactly the same illustration appears on the cover of the latest issue "Leslis", but with the words "I need you." In the same year in the United States is provided with a large illustration of the words "I need you in the United States Army" and print millions of copies, urging soldiers to take part in the war.

Poster with graphic stroke goes in Italy.


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