To prolong youth is possible in 3 minutes a day! Help this secret method...

Want to maintain a healthy complexion and to get rid of wrinkles? Then it's time to master the technique of finger massage shiatsu! The entire complex will take you no more than 5 minutes.

A rejuvenating facial massage
  1. Three fingers (index, middle and ring) pressed on the point indicated in the photo. In each place hold for 5-7 seconds.

  2. At the same time with three fingers apply pressure to the points located on the line of the eyebrows.

  3. The index finger pressed on a point near the outer edge of the eye, then the inner. Repeat procedure for the other eye.

  4. Put three fingers (index, middle and ring) and press down on the point between the eyebrows.

  5. Press three fingers on upper eyelid just below the eyebrow. Try not to touch it when the eyeball. Repeat the procedure for another century.

  6. Three fingers pressed on the point, which is located on the lower border of the eye socket.

  7. Press three fingers on these points under the cheekbones.

  8. Pads of the thumbs press down on the symmetric point on the nose.

  9. Thumb pressed on a point, which is located between the upper lip and septum.

  10. Thumbs apply pressure to the points located in the corners of the lips.

  11. With your thumb gently push the hollow under the lower lip.

  12. At the same time working three fingers of both hands apply pressure to the points, which are located on the lower jaw.

  13. Thumbs of both hands apply pressure on the points located under the jaw. Then both right and left hand apply pressure to the points located on the lateral parts of the neck.

This rejuvenating massage will help to restore skin elasticity and firmness. Don't forget to share the effective methods with friends!

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