Do not limit yourself in the diet to lose weight! Secret quite different.

All women want to have a wonderful figure. But not everyone has enough willpower to constantly be on a diet and do sports without end. It turns out that there are other methods by which beauty is easily achievable. Here are the basic principles of nutrition to help you be slim, especially when it is not limiting yourself. It's just useful to you!

The metabolism of the human body is designed so that calorie-rich foods are best eaten in the morning. You do not put on weight, because they turn into energy that you need during the day. Eat according to the biological clock, and make you look magnificently.

1. Up to 12 hours of the day, you can eat anything you want, including the lungs carbohydrates, but not more than 200 grams.

2. Without baked goods so hard to do ... Lover buns can rejoice. Until 15:00 you can please yourself, however, the number is still necessarily have to take control.

3. Everyone has heard the rule - do not eat after six. It is quite controversial, in fact can not really have a positive effect on health, and that we do not need. After six have a need, and if you want to lose weight in a hurry, eat fruit only after 18.00.

4. Products containing starch, of course it is better not to use, or - in a minimal amount. But if you really want to eat potatoes or bananas can be impunity for the figure to make it up to 20.00

5. If you want to lose weight, while engaging in sports, eat protein two hours before your workout. An hour and a half before and after a workout is it is impossible, because there is a risk that all your efforts will be in vain.

6. Arrange fasting day once in 10 days! This can be a fruit day, milk, cheese ... There is a lot of options, choose what you like. Even fasting may be every 10 days, it is very useful, because as your digestive system a rest and resumes.

7. At night, it is better not have, of course. But if you could not resist dinner - I do not eat at least an hour before bedtime, let the food digest.

8. Do measurements and weighed every 10 days. So you will always control the process. If something has changed and you do not like - Arrange fasting day. It works!

9. Regardless of whether you exercise today, to do exercises - simple and available to perform the house:

- Prisedaniya- 50 times for 2 sets

- Press 30 times for 3 sets

- Lifting bent legs- 30 times for 3 sets

You'll always be tightened, toned muscles you will add appeal. And the time spent on these exercises quite a bit.

10. Motivate yourself! This is the magic key to success. Reset 2 kg - bought a new dress. I did not notice that attain the perfect figure!

Be always on top! These sensible recommendations you replace a grueling diet. Do not forget to share with her friends this useful article.

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