What to do if you want something sweet? Learn how to correctly understand the signals your body.

Each person familiar feeling when you really want something sweet, sour, salty, or even knows what. This does not always mean that you want it so. The body gives you signals that it lacks certain vitamins or minerals. He often does not know in which useful products can take these or other substances, so you can choose what is unclear. A summary of such signals the body and useful sources of necessary substances.

1. If you want to eat chocolate candy or something acidic, the body lacks magnesium. You can eat fruits, nuts, pumpkin seeds, grains, legumes.

2. It would be desirable sweet: the body requires carbohydrates, chromium, phosphorus or sulfur. You can eat tomatoes, green peppers, beans, potatoes, soybeans, spinach, cabbage, garlic, onions, leafy vegetables, turnips, bananas, dried fruit, wheat germ, corn, cranberries and lentils.

3. I wanted to bread: the body asks nitrogen. You can eat: foods with high protein content - nuts and legumes.

4. I'd like a soda or something fat: Calcium is needed. You can eat spinach, green onions, lettuce, raisins, carrots, cauliflower, nuts, turnip, broccoli, sesame seeds.

5. I wanted to flesh: do not have enough iron. It is necessary to have: pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, beans, mushrooms, blueberries, green vegetables, sunflower seeds.

6. Do you like to scrape burnt brown from the frying pan? You do not have enough carbohydrates. You can eat fresh fruit.

7. Do you want something salty? Looking chlorides. You can eat: sea salt and sea kale, beets, wheat, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, olives.

8. If wanted tea body requires phosphorus, sulfur, iron, magnesium or sodium, or all together. You can eat nuts, legumes, vegetables (cabbage, red pepper, onion and garlic), cereals, sea salt, apple cider vinegar (it can fill the salad), pumpkin seeds, beans, blueberries, mushrooms, green vegetables, artichokes, buckwheat, raisins, fruit.

9. If you just want to eat everything, the body lacks zinc. It is possible to eat: vegetables, root vegetables, leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds.

10. If there is no appetite completely, you do not have enough vitamin B1, B3, or manganese chloride. You can eat: seeds, nuts, legumes, bran, cereals, grains, dried mushrooms, blueberries, pineapples, sea salt, seaweed, beets.

This guide will help you not only to understand correctly the signals of your body, but also to choose the right source of a substance. Especially it can be important if you stick to a diet, and you do not want to violate it.

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