10 exercises for quick weight loss. I did not know that skiing is so effective ...

When the train is important not only to the process itself. The result - that's what set most women and men who start training. As it usually happens: a man begins to run in the mornings, and after 2 weeks of debilitating waiting for the result of jogging. At this stage, it is usually negligible - jogging burns only 20 calories per minute. Frustrated Athlete gradually lose heart: so much effort spent, but where are the fruits of labor? Top motivating exercise - ones that give a quick effect: weight training burned 70% more energy than usual. They are short, but the body waste cause more calories for the same unit of time. Check this impressive list of physical activities that contribute to the rapid loss of extra kilos. Watching a great result, you do not stop there!

1. Jumping on the rope
20 minutes of active jumping rope - minus 300 calories. This effective cardio strengthens the heart and goes to everyone who wants to have shapely legs.

2. Tabata Train
Japanese interval training allows to burn at home all unnecessary, while exercising just 20 minutes a day 3 times a week.

3. Burpoe
A strange word hides a very productive exercise: push-ups with a jump gives a full load on all the major muscle groups. Perform Burpoe can be at home, and in the hall. The main thing - the pace; the faster train in such a way, the more effective will be the result.

4. "Cindy" and "Mary┬╗
Cycles of exercises are good because they are diverse: do not bother, although during the occupation you hardly relax. "Cindy": 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, sit-ups 15 without loss. Cycle for advanced athletes - "Mary": 5 vertical push-ups, 10 "pistol", 15 pull-ups.

5. Skiing
Especially good ride those people who want to remove excess fat from the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Agility and speed of response - a nice bonus that gets skier with weight loss.

6. Ropes
Training with ropes allows to burn 10 calories per minute 3. The fact that this training is only suitable for men - misleading. With the help of ropes to strengthen the whole body, Fist grip and burn fat can even elderly people and children!

7. Mahi weights
With just a single weight can greatly load the entire body, and do it for 10-15 minutes. The response of the muscles is fantastic due to the fact that the load is very unnatural to the body.

8. Rowing
If you can go to the alloy - do not miss it! Boating - a type of sport that takes a lot of energy, loading all muscle groups.

9. AirDyne Bike
Taking on such a simulator, you can spend 87 calories a minute! An incredible figure. It is unclear why in some rooms still do not have this miracle?

10. Fatbike
Bike-terrain vehicle with huge wheels - fatbike. If you get a chance to ride on such a steep transport, you'll be able to spend 1 500 calories per hour. The load is simply crazy!

Sports does not have to be boring - it discourages do. Try to diversify their sports program as well as try to diversify the menu - and the extra weight will remain in a bitter past. Tell a friend about this interesting training, where everyone can find a favorite!

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