First he cut the onion and put on top of a slice of bacon, and then got a phenomenal meal!

Cooking food on a fire - it is always very exciting. And the food, cooked on the grill, has a special taste, appetizing looks and smells fantastic. The network has a huge number of recipes of dishes: meat, chicken, vegetables, mushrooms and more. And that's not strange, because on the grill you can cook almost everything, except maybe the cake. Thus prepared for you this recipe is very unusual dishes on the fire - onions, bacon and cheese.

Ingredients for 6 servings:

6 large onions; 6 slices bacon; 150 g grated cheese; salt and pepper - to taste. li > Preparation:

1. Clean the bulbs.

2. Srezh top and made an incision across the top of the bulbs so that they stick together.

3. salt and pepper and onion on each slice of bacon positive.

4. Put the onion grilled minute 30.

5. After this time, sprinkle them with grated cheese and leave for another minute 10.

6. It looks phenomenal!

This dish will go perfectly with a kebab of beef, pork and poultry cooked on the same grill. Always Try this recipe the next outing, and tell your friends about it, they also have to taste this dish!

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