In his later years the woman will give odds to any 20-year-old ... You would never guess how old she is!

Among the large and hulking bodybuilders you do not often see women and ladies 50 - even more so. But Ernestine Shepherd - a pleasant exception to that! It seems that the beauty of this stunning women generally timeless. In its 77 Ernestine it looks much younger. That's because it is just as active as it was 20 years ago, continues to be engaged in bodybuilding.

last model and the worker of high school, then Ernestine could not even imagine that it is waiting for "old age." After all, sport she took up when she was already a little over 50.

Over the past 20 years, this unique woman ran 9 marathons and won two bodybuilding competition. She also entered the Guinness World Records as the oldest in the world bodybuilders.

Its success explains the athlete on a regular work. Regular exercise helps it to keep your body in excellent shape and look much younger than all his contemporaries.

20 years ago she started sports, because had many health problems and excess weight. Now Ernestine sport helps to cope with the natural aging process and gives new strength. Look at her picture - and he convinced of this!

Ernestine leads a healthy lifestyle. Every morning, a woman runs for about 16 kilometers, and in the afternoon or in the evening engaged in the hall.

Today Ernestine is an instructor for the elderly in one of the gyms in Baltimore and inspires young even drastic changes in their lives.

If you find an excuse why until now for some reason, do not exercise, then after that showpiece, you will not find a single argument in favor of his laziness. To tell the truth, I admire this woman! Tell us about a charming Ernestine your friends.

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