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The most notable event in 1964 was the apex coup in the Soviet Union, for which there was a change of eras. Equal to 50 years ago, October 14, 1964 plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU released NS Khrushchev of the duties of the 1st Secretary of the Central Committee and Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers.

All the previous months of the year Khrushchev was busy violent activities, not knowing what ideas are building behind his back comrades.

They are so cute smile in a picture of 8 April 1964 (author Pieter Dieter):


One of the accusations thrown at the October plenum Khrushchev, had too many foreign trips. He really loved to "travel" around the world.

May visit to Egypt:


Of course, Khrushchev flew to Egypt not sunbathe or even for handing Nasser Star of Hero of the Soviet Union. We then flourishing military-technical and economic cooperation with this Arab republic, whose symbol was the participation of Soviet specialists in the construction of a new "Miracle on the Nile».

There is a construction of the Aswan High Dam, April 1964:


But Khrushchev was already in Denmark:


One of the characters ended Khrushchev's reign was the famous epic of corn - the campaign for the implementation of this plant in the vast expanses of the USSR, which had a powerful information support.

This poster Frenchman Jacques Dyupake captured in Ukraine during his rally on the Soviet Union in 1964:


America met in 1964 the year with high hopes, but not yet recovered from the deep shock of the assassination of President Kennedy in November 63rd.


Acting President Lyndon Johnson in this year was elected the new head of state.

Johnson in California, 1964:


The new president will begin during the Vietnam War, which so resisted his predecessor. The occasion will be the infamous Tonkin incident.

More specifically, there were two tselvyh, 2 and 4 August 1964.

This picture was taken in the Gulf of Tonkin just between them, August 3:


Americans of the 64th will be remembered as an earthquake in Alaska. So it looked in Anchorage:


As already mentioned, in 1964, China launched a campaign called "The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution," which will soon result in the defeat of the old party cadres units of so-called Red Guards and at the peak turns into a real civil war with the application (in some places), tanks and artillery. Pictures in this orgy will post about the year 1966.

Completely sever relations with the Soviet Union in 1963, Red China has remained almost entirely geopolitical isolation. Only ally in Europe, he had little Albania, which has quarreled with Moscow in 1958.

In 1964, Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai made a visit of friendship to Tirana:


In India, died a great friend of the Soviet people, one of the founding fathers of the Non-Aligned Movement.

The body of the Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru ascends into the funeral pyre on the banks of the river Yamuna in New Delhi, India, May 29, 1964:


In Brazil, in 1964 there was a military coup that toppled a present reformist Joao Goulart in the country until 1985 to establish a military-police dictatorship. However, this did not stop people having fun at the famous Carnival in Rio:


Carnival costumes became more daring:



The year 1964 can not be imagined without the Tokyo Olympics. It was not just a major sporting event, but a presentation of a new world economic superpower of the post-war ruins promptly rose to that later would be called "Japanese economic miracle».

Torchbearers are sent to the Olympic stadium in the framework of the Olympic torch relay in Tokyo, Japan, October 1964:


For games architect Kenzo Tange in Tokyo was built modernist stadium that soon will write a number of "architectural masterpieces of the 20th century»:


Imagination attending the game also offers high-speed train hit the "Shinkansen».

The first line with 17 stations with length of 515 km, which overcame a train for two and a half hours, was opened between Osaka and Tokyo in October 1964, just in time for the Olympics:


Since we are on the subject of technical progress, it is impossible not to remember the World's Fair in New York in 1964:


USSR 1964 showed good growth and technological progress. Was released to the market a new car "Moskvich-408", which is not inferior in design to the best European images of the time and in demand even in Western European buyers:


For comparison privelsti another hit of the season 1964 - Nissan Cedric 1900:


And the Czechs was a new Skoda 1000MB:


But America motorization had already reached its peak and major cities were covered with cobwebs multilevel interchanges.

View of Manhattan in 1964, like hello for Moscow 2014:


The main cultural event of the year was the triumph of the group "The Beatles." The whole world is engulfed "Beatlemania" after the famous Liverpool quartet tour in the US in February 64th:


The French in 1964 filmed the first movie of the cult series about Angelique, "the Marquise of Angels," which deyutirovala charming Mischel Mercier:

In the USSR, showing the series began in late 1968, and immediately with the third film, "Angelique and the King." After a year at the box office has its first film "Angelica - Marquis angels».

In the same year in France came first film at least znamenitogoo (including the USSR) series of Fantômas with Jean Marais and Louis de Funes starring:


Fantomas (fr. Fantômas, man-phantom) - a fictional character, a brilliant criminal, hiding his face, one of the most famous anti-heroes of French literature and cinema. As a character created by French writers Fantomas Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre in 1911. Fantomas appears in 32 novels written by Allen and co Souvestre, and in 11 novels written after the death of Allen Souvestre.

And Italy reached its peak rastseveta film star Sophia Loren. That it was in 1964:


And in Singapore in 1964 was still ahead:

Of course, this is only a little that you can tell and show that memorable year.




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