25 responsibilities of women:

25 responsibilities of women:

1. Create a family (the promise comes from the Women)
2. Keep the family (depending on the Women's Wisdom)
3. Make the Man (pray for him, but take this for what it is !!! 3 prin- free - you need - so what is accept)
4. Organize all the household chores (cleanliness and comfort)
5. Perform all the household chores and explore the tastes of her husband.
6. Be faithful men and body, and deed and in thought
7. Become a best friend Men (share his interests, maintain endeavors to encourage and not to give unsolicited advice)
8. To be beautiful for her man and take care of your health.
9. Inspire man
10. To eat sugary foods (dried fruits in the morning and better)
11. Wear ukrasheniyai doing makeup HOUSE)))
12. Enjoy the beautiful clothes for him !!! Wear long skirts.
13. BE HAPPY !!! (To deal with them, their inner world, self-development)
14. Always feel the closeness of the man she loved - not parted
15. Dear men
16. Appreciate man and praise every day something nice to say, focus on good quality, even in the mind !!!
17. Cheering man.
18. obey men (yes, you are right to recognize his superiority, but to be able to gently express his point of view)
19. To be able to manage their emotions (meditation helps)
20. Have endurance - patience
21. Talking quiet and gentle voice
22. Be sensitive (understand when a man wants to relax and leave it alone)
23. Participate in the education of children
24. Serve as a man - to do everything with love.
25. Do not perform the duties of men


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