Who is the witch?

To be brief, Yaga - a Superwoman, which helps women remember their essence, its savagery and follow your destiny. Yaga - this is a very beautiful woman without age. She - inspirer, the protectress and patroness of the female. That's what this image says Clarice Pinkola Estes - PhD, the keeper of ancient lore, the famous author of the best-selling book "Running with Wolves»: ...

Jaga - Mother of all the wild women ... she brings gifts ... Wild woman as archetype - the inimitable and incomprehensible force carrying mankind wealth of ideas, the quality. Yaga - Wild mother - an example of how to remain true to its self - mentor who can give advice, teach restore order in the house of our soul. Character Wild Women - Yagi - so limitless that it can be found in the folklore of all peoples of the world in many different guises.
In Spain, it is called the Rio Abajo Rio - «the river under the river», La Mujer Grande - «a great woman», Luz del abismo - «light of the abyss." In Mexico, it is - La Loba and La Huesera - bony woman. In Hungarian it is called Oh Erdeben - «the one in the woods." In Navajo it bears the name Na ashjeii Asdzaa - Spider Woman, interlacing destiny of human beings and animals, plants and stones. In Guatemala, among other names used Humana del Niebla - «creature of the mist," Woman living forever. The Japanese call it Amaterasu Amica - "Mysterious Higher Powers", generating all light all Soznaneie. In Tibet talk about Dakini and dancing Force, clearly visible in all women. Names are innumerable. It is infinite.
Yaga - ally, sample teacher of all women. She keeps to himself everything that might need a woman, everything that a woman needs to know. She's got the drugs from any disease. It is filled with stories and dreams, words and songs, characters and symbols. She - both vehicle and destination. ... Primordial nature brings to life the true integrity of the woman ...


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