Baba Yaga - a mysterious creature! 02/06/2013

Baba Yaga - a mysterious creature that is described in many Russian fairy tales. To this day, scientists are not concerned to unravel the mysteries still surrounding this mysterious creature. Who is this Baba Yaga?

The strange name of this old woman scholars translate differently. Some believe that the "witch" corresponds in some Indo-European values ​​"nuisance disease grieve." But with the Komi language "ir" is translated as "pine forest" or "forest" and the word "woman" means a woman. Therefore, Baba Yaga - a forest woman.
Baba Yaga lives in the forest, it flies in a mortar. Witchcraft. She helped geese, red, white and black horsemen, and still "three pairs of hands." Researchers are three subspecies of Baba Yaga: warrior (in a battle with her character moves to a new level of personal maturity) giver (it presents its guests magical items) and thief children. It should be noted that while it is not unambiguously negative character.
They describe it as a terrible old woman with a hump. At the same time she is also blind, and only feels a man who came to her hut. Housing is having Kuryi legs, the scientists gave birth to the hypothesis, who is this Baba Yaga. The fact that the ancient Slavs was the custom for the dead to build special houses that were set on stilts, towering above the ground. They built the hut on the border of forest and settlements, and put them in such a way that the output was from the forest.

It is believed that Baba Yaga - a kind of guide to the world of the dead, which in fairy tales is called Far Far Away kingdom. In this task, the old woman to help certain rituals: ritual bath (bath), "mortuary" meal (feeding the hero at his own request). Having been in the house of Baba Yaga, the person is at the time of belonging to two worlds at once, and also gets some certain abilities.
According to another hypothesis, Baba Yaga - female sorceress. In ancient times, healers became unsociable woman who settled in the forest. There they collected plants, fruits and roots, then they are dried and prepared from raw materials of a variety of drugs. People, though, and used their services, but at the same time and they were afraid, because they considered them witches associated with unclean forces and evil spirits.
Not so long ago, some Russian researchers have another very interesting theory. According to her, Baba Yaga was none other than an alien who came to our planet for research purposes.
The legend tells that a mysterious old woman flying in a mortar, with the trace of fire sweeping broom. All this description is very similar to a jet engine. Ancient Slavs, of course, could not know about the wonders of technology, but because in its own way interpreted the fire and loud sounds that could issue an alien ship.
In favor of this interpretation is the fact that the arrival of a mysterious Baba Yaga, according to the descriptions of ancient peoples, accompanied by falling trees in the landing site and the storm with very strong winds. All of this can be explained by the impact of a ballistic wave or a direct action of the jet. The Slavs who lived in those days, could not have known about the existence of such things, but because it is explained by witchcraft.
Hut standing kurey leg seems to have been a spaceship. In such a case, its small size is quite understandable. A Kuryi legs - stand on which the ship.
Outside Baba Yaga, seemed so ugly people to alien creatures can be quite common. Humanoids, judging by the descriptions of UFO, do not look beautiful.
The legends has claimed that a mysterious Baba Yaga was allegedly kannnibalkoy, that is, consumed a human flesh. From the standpoint of the new theory, the ship carried out a variety of experiments on human beings. Later, all overgrown with legends and fairy tales that are told to children. In this form, and we came to this story. It's hard to prove something that had passed so many years, but still mysterious Baba Yaga left its mark in the history of not only fabulous, but also, perhaps, it is material. He just has not been found.



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