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Baba Yaga. The old woman without vozrasta.Vse his role - Kashchei, Kwak, Hell, Goblin, Jester, Baba Yaga and other vermin - a sophisticated makeup. Technology makeup mid-30s do not compare with the modern: often, to make the face of terrible, Millyar tortured for six hours, and once burned his face with make-up hydrogen peroxide. But he endured. Tolerated, even when we had the winter at 30 degrees of frost to run in the lungs rags Baba Yaga (it took place on the set of "Frost") or, alternatively, 25 times in a row to slide down the chute from the stove in a stuffy room in the hot summer long until the director will say: "Stop! Cut! "Said Millyar then burned his" ass. " Top Koschey and Baba Yaga of all time, without our childhood would be different, not so fabulous and colorful. Eternal memory!


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