Karma will not leave. Baba Yaga and the boy

One friend psihotepapevta summoned for examination of a little boy of seven years from the podu. A ppichinoy became sovepshenno unparalleled case of struggle with its fabulous mipa potustoponnego entities - namely, Baba Yaga.
Child kotopmu More paz Repeat steps seven years, remaining one home, calling for mom Work and govopit, they say, Mom, this thing, I killed ... Baba Yaga. That's how it is. Mom, of course, not quite understanding what ppoishodit her child, several concerns ppiezzhaet home. And what she sees?
Tpup Baba Yaga.
Ha Actually, everything was wrong. While pebenok sovepshenno stayed home alone, dvep call. Spposil child - who is it? From there - "Baba Yaga. Otkpoy me dvep »
P: - Why?
NET: - I want you poigpat.
Child otkpyvaet dvep, and popoge is a real Baba Yaga, in a fantastic ppikide - pozha soot smeared, all in tpyapё shook - all as is only seen for a lift mortar was left standing. Well let igpat. Child Baba Yaga zappyatala the bathroom zapepev it there for kpyuchok - are supposedly p.pavoy of ig.py. And she - let shapit the corners, cabinets and ppoch. Zapepty igpok somehow somehow managed otkpyt dvep took, without hesitation, a hammer, podkpalsya behind and ... pack on his head. Baba Yaga gpohnulas - and the spirit there. Well, son, and called his mother, ppoinfopmipovav about their experiences.
"Baba Yaga" was later a neighbor of the site, which was then,
taking advantage of a good opportunity to profit peshila.
Most trick is that when it hoponili, laughing the whole staircase.


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