Real Baba Yaga: The real Baba Yaga: 10 facts about Tamara Samson - St. Petersburg grandmother killer

Case St. Petersburg pensioner Tamara Samson shook ðóíåò after grandmother "took" the murder of a dismemberment of her own friends. But it turned out that modern Baba Yaga, perhaps drawn to the serial manyachku.

1. 67-year-old Tamara Samsonov, who lived in an ordinary residential area of ​​St. Petersburg - Kupchino - suspected in a series of horrible murders of its tenants, friends, and perhaps her husband.

2. After the murders of their victims dismembered body Samsonov and bags with the remains dabbed page with cryptic symbols of astrological books.

3. «Granny" kept a diary, which described their misdeeds, with three languages ​​- Russian, English and German. She led him to the end of the 1990s. The diary Samsonov describes in detail how to kill people. Such records, according to "Fontanka" were about a dozen. There is also a specific and detailed description of the tattoo man she allegedly killed and dismembered in 2003. It turned out that 12 years ago he rented a room at the pensioner.

4. All the bodies found at the moment, there are no easy There are suggestions that their old could either there or used for any magic rituals.

5. Tamara Samson said law enforcement agencies, that is a graduate of the Vaganova School (which prepares dancers), then an actress. But soon, she said, she went to work the corridor of the hotel "Europe". She later admitted that she invented a artistic biography, as a lot of talking with representatives of the leading lights in this hotel.

6. The case led me to Samson's law enforcement officers on suspicion of the murder of the 12-year-old. Detectives remembered a terrible discovery in 2003: it was the man's body, dismembered in the same way. Features of the way in which treated the deceased, were similar traces on the body of Ulanova.

7. As the last murder, then, according to investigators, the night between July 23 and Samson Ulanova quarrel arose.

"On the basis of personal hostile relations pensioner poisoned by an unknown substance his 79-year-old friend, then using a knife blade and dismembered body of the victim, which is part of emissions in the near neighborhood", - reported in the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee in St. Petersburg.

8. During the search, investigators found an old tattered book cabinet esoteric-astrological content with pages torn out. Pages conform to those found in the convolution with a dismembered body in 2003.

9. It is still unknown and the fate of her husband's "modest" St. Petersburg pensioner. About the disappearances of her husband Samson said in 2005. Since then, he was nowhere to be found - neither alive nor dead. It is possible that Samson killed him.

10. At the regional management of the RF IC argue that now is not a consequence of objective data about the commission of Samson other murders, except for murder Ulanova.



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