About our cosmic ancestors.

About our cosmic ancestors

If we are interested in the Vedas, written by our ancestors for us, all the mysteries of ancient history and anthropological mysteries appear to us in a completely different light.

The fact that at the bottom, is the likeness of that which is above and that which is above, is the basis for the similarity of the fact that at the bottom, at the original will of Him whom we humans call the Great Ra-M-Ha.
(In other words we can say this: Our Earth is like another world, where our ancestors came).

Many years ago there was a great Assa - Great War of the Gods of Light Heavenly Peace rules with the Dark Forces, who came from hell. Great Assa between Light and Darkness engulfed Worlds Reveal, Navi and rules.

In one of the battles, flying celestial chariot - Vaitmar - crashed and forced to land on Midgard-earth (our land). Vaitmar - Great Heavenly vehicles (flying city), capable of carrying in the womb of his 144 Wightman - small flying chariots. Vaitmar down on the mainland, which was named stellar travelers Daar (hence the name Daria), gift of the gods. (North Pole. It was warm)
On Vaitmar were representatives of the four Allied nations Lands of the Great Race (other Earth): Childbirth Aryans - h'Ariytsy, da'Ariytsy; Births Slavs - Russ and Svyatorus. These were people with white skin. Iris of the eye of each of the families had different color: green had h'Ariytsy; Silver - da'Ariytsy; heavenly - Svyatorus; fire - Russ. Eye color depends on what people sun shone these genera in their native land.

After repair Vaitmar, part of the crew flew (returned "to heaven"), and some remained on Midgard-earth. Those who stayed on the Midgard-earth were called Asami. Asa - descendants of the heavenly gods living on Midgard-earth (on Earth).
This was followed by relocation to Inguard Earth (Earth on the other) people at the White Race Midgard-earth in Daar. Resettled people on Midgard-earth, remembering their ancient ancestral home and called themselves not only as "Dazhdbogovy grandchildren," ie, descendants of the Clans of the Great Race, koi lived under the glow Dazhdbog-Sun. Living (white people) on Midgard-earth came to be called the Great Race, and those living on Inguard Earth - an ancient race.
(This is where did the artifacts which attest the sojourn on earth the same people as we are - today. It was Nashchi ancestors!)

On Midgard-earth repeatedly came Gods, communicated with the descendants of the Great Race, gave them wisdom. It took 165,032 years from the time when the Goddess Tara attended the Midgard-earth. She is the younger sister of God Tarkh Perunovich called Dazhdbog. Goddess Tara always sparkles with kindness, love, affection, care and attention to people. Polar Star in the Slavic-Aryan peoples referred to honor this beautiful Goddess - Tara.

. After the first three celestial battle between light and darkness, when the defeated forces of Light, God Perun descended on the Midgard-earth to tell people of the events and what to expect in the future of the Earth, the occurrence of dark times. Dark times - a period of life of the people, when they cease to honor the gods and to live by the heavenly law, and begin to live by the laws that they impose Pekelnogo representatives of the World (foreigners - Jews). They teach people themselves to create laws and live by them, thereby exacerbating their lives, and lead to self-destruction.


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