Unknown Story. Plato spoke of the destruction of Atlantis.

January 13, 2016
The story of Atlantis. Atlanta, arias, demigods

Plato spoke of the destruction of Atlantis

He did not believe it. But every year there are more facts in favor of his innocence. But in reality things?

Studying the numerous sources of Atlantis and everything connected with it, I grabbed the general that they were. And before the eyes of my mind appeared similar to the following picture.

The history of Atlantis began about one million years ago, with the lifting of the maritime waters plates upon which the Atlantic Ocean and the Americas - North and South. So breathing planet: land of the surge, it lowered. About 800 thousand years ago in Atlantis have existed fairly advanced civilization.

It was a vast territory, are subject to a single administrative center. But it is interesting device power Atlantis. It was a theocracy - the power of the gods, who spoke through people. And Delphic Oracle - a reminder of the radiance of light that was then.

There was a White Island. He was in the Central Sea, which when picked up Asia has become the Gobi Desert, and the island became an oasis.

At the White Island (just like an island Buyan of Pushkin's fairy tales) lived wise men in white stone houses. They kept a book describing the whole experience of mankind. And there was a powerful schools teaching the light of the nation.

Periodically, most wise and knowledgeable they are going to serve in the central church of White Island, and have served, which resulted in them sinking Knowing how to govern. They recorded this knowledge and pass it to managers, who in turn have to translate this knowledge.

It's such a legislative and executive branches of government - only the law dictates the sky.

And Atlantis flourished. Plato describes the theocracy as the highest type of state, which is the will of the gods, and King - is anointed by God, to do the will of Heaven. I understand this was the main model in Atlantis, and probably it is very entrenched in the minds of men, it just so much to say.

World flourished, people worshiped the cosmos (later the philosophy and ideology of Atlantis gradually moved into the Hellenic idea of ​​Space and Movement), and everyone was happy to work under the guidance of the Gods. Sometimes even the gods descend from heaven and walked among the people and taught them various crafts and sciences.

Truly, it was a golden time, and it lasted about half a million years. It is noteworthy that the Atlanteans had a different way of thinking, more imaginative, based more on feelings and penetration than intellectual insinuations. They knew how to feel and believe, trust does not mind, but their own feelings.

But, as we know from the Hindu philosophy, all have cycles, and the Golden Age starts a smooth descent, falling into materiality. We also know that the use of energy and knowledge that have been so well developed in the days of Atlantis, largely depends on the moral component. And then followed the fall of some knowledgeable.

They decided that the power of the gods - is imposing and enslavement. And this group has become the insurgents opposed to the theocratic system. They first peacefully and then decided to militarily destroy the power of the White Island over the executive, took the lead in their own hands.

Thus began a period of war and destruction.

The first great war between rebels and supporters ierokratii took place about 200 thousand years ago. Dangerous weapon was used, and in the end he shook the continent of Atlantis powerful earthquake, and it collapsed, becoming a set of islands and partially immersed in water.

This is how the straits between the Americas and the islands of Atlantis. The tales of the South American nation is that there was a cataclysm in the East (and North American Indians say, in the West). Land separated Strait, which eventually expanded only.

Many powerful city went under water, and only the hills and mountains were over the ocean.

During this first grand war, the rebels were destroyed, some of them had fled, and Atlantis was born a new religion, a new world, which is different from the first scientists of the perfect man as an employee of the Cosmos.

So there were priests who speak about the responsibility of everyone to the universe and about the interaction of processes on Earth and in the solar system. It was the first step toward conscious cooperation with the Cosmos, before that prevailed more contemplative model of worship.

The era of big wars. Birth Ariavarty

The earth breathes, and lowering one of the land leads to a raising of the other parts.

With the lowering of Atlantis began to climb the continent of Eurasia, but people first began to settle in the most secure area - the foothills. So a country Ariavarta. It originated on the southern slopes of the Himalayas, in the West; in what is now the border state of Kashmir.

A gentle rise of land provided a good and safe place to live. The climate was very friendly, and the eternal mountains were protected from the north winds. The best Ariavartu moved from Atlanta. They have created a state of the Sun, to obey the White Island, and the basis was the highest spiritual state of all inhabitants of the country - it was the basis of life.

By their spiritual Aryan Atlanteans quickly surpassed. And no wonder, because they are strongly breastfed spirituality, everything in the country was aimed at achieving a high-level employees of the cosmos every citizen of the state. And they succeeded. Aryans constituted a highest type of human being in the world where the highest spirituality is to live with a deep intelligence and knowledge.

Among Aryans were born very highly spiritual person, a very wise soul.

They were full knowledge brought from space where to travel prior to the implementation. And the system itself pedagogy helps to reveal this wisdom have children, so that the period of formation is not accompanied by a surge of emotions and hormones, but the take-off of knowledge and learning.

The current system of pedagogy and education - a pale shadow compared to the science of remembering the experience, which was Ariavarte. But the law of cycles, immutable, and all mankind planet gradually sank into materiality.

And only Aryans managed to find a balance between spirituality and intellect.

In Atlantis mutiny again, and this time the government has gone over to the rebels, and the government, together with the army and the fleet of aircraft opposed the White Island and its allies. It began the second planetary war.

Parallel to this, the north African immigrants from Ariavarty create a colony that grew rapidly thanks to the competent education system. Children from local families took in infancy to be raised in nurseries, where once accustomed to a new culture, trained and made them culturally and mentally the Aryans, though genetically they were natives, locals.

So was for several centuries, a whole class of highly people who have taken power into their own hands and become a powerful ally in the fight against the Aryan Atlanteans.

Each nation had its advantages.

Atlanta's well-studied phenomenon of resonance energies and can cause powerful energies of space, using them for creation or destruction. Atlanta also opened the underground civilization and began to cooperate with them in the production of new materials and trade, leaving, thus, a new technological level, which allowed them to even fly into space.

Aryans learned the magic of Atlantis, as a knowledge center was on the White Isle. From there, once you gain knowledge of Atlanta, and from there the Aryans. But the last, being highly spiritual in nature, we have learned that we call wisdom, as the wisdom of his people joined, we were able to manage the collective spiritual energy of the nation, which gave them a powerful shield against destructive attacks Atlantis.

Moreover, among the Aryans were people who embody the wisdom and strength of its people. They could concentrate force in the spiritual condition of the people and to direct it, even overturning the laws of nature. So only the power of the Spirit of pure Aryans were able not only to repel the Atlanteans, but also could control the weather, to prevent disasters.

But, more importantly, they harmonize the energy of the planet and the cosmos and thereby contributed to the appearance in the aura of the planet of harmony and purity that penetrate the consciousness of the people and alienates them from the mass insanity. Now that we are lacking ...

The Egyptians also differed very serious endurance, personal courage. Lovely soldiers loyal to the whole child-like faith in their hearts, they have become a powerful shield Ariavarty a hundred thousand years.

The next war began 80 thousand years ago. It lasted for years and ended with the military defeat of Atlantis, but the power remains the same.

The results of this second war was terrible.

Used, including nuclear weapons, which has left traces in the world: in some parts of Pakistan have the whole of the current field, where the sand turned to glass by the high temperature used ammunition. The fire killed thousands and thousands of beautiful pure people. They have seen the face of death, and many at the same time became hardened.

Atlantis sank deeper in the bottom of the sea, and from the past of the continent there are only memories and a lot of islands. He killed most of the population of Atlantis. Such were the terrible consequences of this second planetary war.

The Egyptians also became stronger. They have created a system of recruiting soldiers from all the tribes that inhabited the African continent. Then it was blooming State derives from the Egyptian defense without loss of sovereignty. The consequence of the lowering of Atlantis became the new rise of Eurasia and Tibet.

Ariavarty the north, on the Tibetan plateau and the coast of the Central Asian Sea (now the region Tsaidam) appeared Gotl powerful state, it quickly began to gain strength and become a powerful ally of the Aryans, the Egyptians and the White Island, which was very close.

About thirty thousand years ago, it became clear already that the very culture of Atlantis, directed by her rulers, goes to moral decline.

So much so that the high priests of their worship began to curse the sun that is home builders and Rulers of our solar system. The basis of the cult of serving priests put human. Each not only the temple, but even in every house church stood a sculpture dedicated to the rulers of Atlantis and its priests, so they demanded the worship itself, and not the gods who created the universe.

In some Asian nations so badly deposited memory of this custom, which until today has reached a ban on sculpture and image rights, so as not to repeat the mistakes of Atlantis.

All the forces, all the technologies Atlanta threw out to create the most powerful army, the most advanced methods of destroying the enemy, the fastest and most advanced vimaana system control colonies. Many of these errors are repeated, and our civilization, and it is understandable: now sets Atlantis implemented, because the existing level of development corresponds to what they have achieved. And those embodied by inertia does the same thing then.

But the science of Atlantis passed on our present.

Many sources describe devices whose very existence is refuted by our science. For example, the Atlanteans learned how to do some of the other metals by cold fusion. We learn to make engines that worked on the currents of space and does not require fuel. We learned to make metal alloys which possess artificial intelligence and mechanical beings, who predicted his immediate future.

Atlanta spacewalks and studied the neighboring planet, sinks to the bottom of the sea and built the underwater city, tamed the elements, and to control the weather.

They were proud and powerful, we have accumulated a lot of wealth and continually staged war with its neighbors, trying to subdue the whole world, to make a single state that would have existed in their rules - the rules of the rebels, going against the Cosmos and its laws.

As we see, the situation is repeated, because everything is cyclical. Of course, such a powerful country, a unipolar world and the nature of the infringement could not please the Lords of the White Island who dreamed of harmony and prosperity of the entire planet, not one at the expense of others.

Forces of the Aryans, the Egyptians and gotlov was not enough to win the war with the overdeveloped high-tech state, and then the Lord of White Island appealed to the rulers of other planets, so they sent their best warriors to battle, a decisive battle, which is not the force of arms even, but the power of the Spirit, and equity must prevail.

It was decided that the soldiers not to disturb the equilibrium of the worlds, will not remain in their bodies, but will be implemented as a mortal among humans. They are called gods, and so they are truly sons and daughters. But they are born of earthly mothers, so they became known as demigods, or the children of the gods.

Born among the people, although the demigods were the bodies of people with all of their disabilities, but still has undeniable advantages: they quickly learn, has an increased ability to develop psychic abilities and astonishing fidelity the forces of good and justice.

And the Lord of White Island looking for them among the people, and took to his disciples and taught everything they knew themselves. And when cherished memory stellar wanderers opened, and then learn from them themselves, because the universe is enormous, and there are many such, which we can not even think.

So there were on the planet Children of the Gods, and still the best of the people - it is they who live among us.

They were always the founders of new religions, science, philosophy and culture, they were great generals and rulers, Saints. They pointed out the path to humanity the beauty of his own thoughts and work in the life. After all, it is important to do something for the people, but to teach them to follow this path with their feet.

Star strangers taught and continue to teach than are themselves divided themselves and suffer from the imperfections of the earth, but they continue to be born. The most important thing that there is in them is the dedication of Light. And if the Lord of Light called, and stellar wanderers decided the retreat - means losing dedication and this is akin to betrayal, that is defeat.

Thus, stellar strangers stepped up toward the light, and began to actively resist the Atlanteans and their unbridled thirst for power over all.

Where does this desire for power come from? Anyone who does not obey anyone tries to subjugate all. Rejecting Heaven and obedience to the gods, the Atlanteans themselves become tyrants to the surrounding nations.

But a new round of fighting began. In stellar wanderers he had a plan.


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