Unconditional love.

Happy New Year! After a three-month break, we continue our weekly blog. We moved to the East Coast and moved to a new time line, as mentioned in our last article "The division of the world».

Over the past few months, due to what was described as a change in the level of subatomic particles of the lower dimensions, many of us who are on the path of Ascension, feel intense ascension symptoms that manifest themselves in many different ways on the physical plane.

If you are one of those people who in the past did not feel the impact of the symptoms of ascension into your body, perhaps in the last few months you feel great changes taking place in your physical body.

Our planet is experiencing frequency bifurcation, which creates a division in the lower frequency measurements. As defined in the spectrum measurement frequency division extends in this space amplifies the spectrum of frequencies which catalyze the difference in any of the opposite directions.

This event can also be defined as a form of transit entities, when humans and lower spirits, incarnated and disembodied, to be moved from that particular position in space and time. Certain provisions of the spatial-temporal or frequency measurements are subject to a split, and thus, is set in the higher frequency measurements.

This creates an energy flow that connect with many tributaries flowing into the river, which then converge in large amounts, such as lakes or oceans. Energy moves like water flows, depending on the viscosity and dynamic wavelength.

These planetary changes affect the way the energy tributaries move along the ley lines of the Earth's body, and where they merge into larger energetic body, such as vortices or Stargate. The horizontal network of energy inflows carries huge amounts of energy of the consciousness of the first and second measurements, and this lower frequency and nature of fallen accumulates in many forms of dark shadow forces.

It catalyzes and compels these entities to move in different patterns, introduce new network and even attached to human bodies in the downlinks of time. These changes are one-dimensional and two-dimensional ley lines significantly affect our physical bodies, as well as changes that cause these forces on a planetary body.

Many of us can observe the movement of energy in the environment and in people around us.

Some people are comfortable with the movement of floating energy flow upstream, passing through many of the synchronization, while others drown and wallow in the feeling of being lost, because they bear downstream. We can observe the two energy realities existing simultaneously.

Downward reality in which people cope with their traumatic fears, phobias and addictions, and do not understand the process of evolution of consciousness-raising, and his plan the necessary training.

They become even worse since the struggle with his inner demons and inclinations, screaming in pain or going into a depression. Lower measure come to the surface as the main areas of the division of trauma affecting the collective mind of humanity on Earth.

These memories are recorded in the subconscious of people and earthly body.

If the person did not attempt to clarify the understanding of the subconscious, the main area of ​​injury triggers are on the surface of his personality. Mainly, it concerns the time lines of violence, trauma, shock and devastation of the initial separation from our divine source and subsequent separation of men and women.

Male and female principles, which were originally united, have been divided, and this led to a huge pain, creating, eventually, distortions, such as a program ... suffering. It means that many people in the world are experiencing the shock and trauma of separation (the fall), and does not know about the original because of its bitterness and a sense of helplessness.

When we do not know about the source of our inner pain, we usually blame this someone or something. After the charges we usually are treated drugs or trying to get away from the problems with the help of bad habits.

In reality, we see a rising world power that affect us, and feel the unconditional love of higher forces, carrying us forward into the new time line. The new time line takes us from the influence of demons and destructive chaotic forces.

Employees of the network are called to witness how these Fallen come to the surface from the underworld or the lower dimensions. Many of us work as a team, exercising their transit, being compassionate observers to resettle these entities from the phantom or dead zones, both people and not the people.

We were sad when we feel the pain that exists in the lower dimension, or when we have to leave some people behind. This process required a complete line of the old time by clearing the genetic miasma, cutting the bindings and disconnecting from certain people or things that are stuck in a miasma of lower fields.

In some cases we were forced to make visible these hidden people fallen power showing their unethical behavior, or secret agendas, manifested in organizations, communities or other types of groups. At this time, some organizations that were based on unethical or inhumane rules, given the chance to come to Jesus.

They face a choice - to see his actions, purify and show unconditional love and forgiveness, leaving the power and the loss of power over other people. That was based on a house of cards, the motives of the ego and weak morals manifested in small organizations and group situations, creating a ripple effect in the macrocosm.

Modernization of the ley lines of the first measurement affects the red wavelength spectrum of consciousness of survival and poverty, which prevails program executioner victim Archons who use the control False King archetype of tyranny, to control the forces of darkness.

Many of us see the False King of Tyranny, acting in people who crave power or fame, who like to control other people, it is people Manager.

Spiritually devoted people see well people Manager, we can see the manipulation of the dark forces archetype Manager, existing in people of any type: overly doting mamma, CEO, middle managers, beauty queen, the police, the ambitious young graduates, teachers, professionals, Pastor - in all spheres of society.

Once you are able to recognize the energy signature of fallen angel or demon forces, you will be very easy to feel it, see it and feel its effect in a man who only identified with the material reality.

It is important to distinguish the forces behind human actions, not to condemn it, to see it in such a way it is, and not wishful thinking. We must have the spiritual maturity and strength to discover the dark forces where they are present, unconditionally loving people, in which they are present, as we forgive those who trespass their dark ignorance, at a time when they seem obsessed to create disruption or chaos .

A person deprived of love, you can not give up the power or the ability to lead others.

While we do not fully identify people by their Manager, low-frequency vibration, we can not change the imbalance and should give up in order to allow these people to have power over other people and resources.

Managers will always reveal their true nature through personal shortcomings and unethical behavior from time to time. We need to pay attention to such behavior and accurately evaluate it, without judgment of the man himself.

The more power or influence a person or group of people and the Earth's resources, the greater must be their responsibility for their own behavior and moral attitude toward others. While money and profit is the primary motivation, and are used as a reward hidden material desires, it will not happen.

As a result of the changes taking place many of us are calling for leadership from which we refuse. Many star people and Indigo do not seek fame or power, and prefer to live in obscurity. Since some organizations go out of business as a result of unethical acts, others need to replace them, to help guide and support people who are devastated by what is happening.

It is a spiritual obligation, if you are completely dedicated to the service of God and empowered, if you do not abuse their spiritual power and influence do not take for granted.

It is a call to apply loving kindness, regardless of the circumstances; treat all people, no matter what they did, they like you or not; to look at all people with respect, dignity and humanity.

Unconditional love is known as the love without any restrictions or conditions. The term is associated with other concepts, such as a true altruism or perfect love. Altruism or selflessness - a principle or caring about the welfare of others.

It is a traditional virtue of many cultures, and the main aspect of the law of unity. Altruism or selflessness - is the opposite of selfishness, and the world need this virtue of selflessness more than any other.

We must be an example of unconditional love for the Eternal Light that shines in this world, and now people are waking up and looking at us ....

Author: Lisa Renee - Unconditional Love,


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