Mystical secrets of Atlantis

Have you ever thought about the question: why do people thousands of years looking for the mythical Atlantis? Than this invention of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato better than others? Over the long history of mankind have appeared and disappeared many civilizations. So no, all somehow seek to find Atlantis! And find in the vast expanses from the Arctic to Antarctica, from America to Japan.

Eighty one million five hundred sixty seven thousand two hundred eighty six

The first one to speak about the paranormal because of the cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis was Edgar Cayce. He is the most prominent psychic of the twentieth century, and just as often – "the Sleeping prophet".

The fact that his revelations Case received in trance States, during which he contemplated a different vision. And here in the last 25 years of his life (1920-1945 years) it completely captured the picture of the sunken cities and ruined temples under the water. The case also saw the time when they were still on the surface, when the streets there were a lot of people, marked by beauty and wisdom. Then came the realization is Atlantis! And after some time one image has supplanted all others: the crystals. Carved from clear quartz, they glowed with an inner light. Then more began to appear one huge crystal. It was felt unstoppable force. Soon came the realisation — that is the true cause of death of the ancient civilization of Atlantis!

"Even Plato in his Dialogues has said that the Atlanteans themselves have incurred trouble. However his story ends, historian reveals the secrets of the tragedy. Perhaps we managed to do it exactly the case. Atlanta used crystals for worldly and spiritual goals, he said. The crystals were a powerful energy storage from solar radiation and starlight. Their energy helped Atlanteans build palaces and temples and to develop your psychic abilities. But that was not the main crystal Tuoi — Stone Fire. He accumulated energy of the Earth and its rays burned through the strongest walls."

Their visions of Case saw a big hall, which housed Twoi. It was called the "Hall of Light". There are going to servants of the secret cult and used the crystal for black magic and occult rituals. The damage their activities have caused not only to people but to the entire planet. And at some point the long-suffering nature rebelled.

In the beginning of XX century an outstanding poet and writer Valery Bryusov called Atlantis "teachers of teachers", bearing in mind that Atlantis was the cradle of all knowledge and skills (conventional and esoteric science, agricultural, industrial, and other technologies, etc.) that I just picked a civilization of the Mediterranean. Moreover, it should be noted, took over and realized only a small part, but, nevertheless, towered above all the surrounding Nations. And the scraps of their knowledge, in a distorted form, have already reached Europe.

As in everything else, mankind in their quest Atlantis aims to get to the truth – to the source and origin of all things. And, of course, to gain secret knowledge, a great power and immortality...

Sixteen million three hundred sixty nine thousand nine hundred five

Great is the mystery of the Ancient, largely mysterious civilization of Atlantis has left us a huge heritage, and yet many do not even heard of the old and prosperous continent. Not talking about it in history lessons in schools or in universities. Meanwhile in Atlantis was the basis of everything is so proud of our civilization that is its essence.

You ask: where is all this known? From ancient sources that mainstream science either does not notice or does not recognize, considering them to be the incorrect translations. From the reports of those people who are often contemptuously called "contactees". But think about it, what is a grave error, because the contactees were all started with Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, all the saints and of prophets, for he talked with God without intermediaries, that is, without priests. And we are already deprived of this great gift, we read their words and interpreted one way or another. What is the picture we paint contactees?

"About a million years ago, when the Atlantic race was in its heyday, the continent of Atlantis occupied a large part of the Atlantic ocean", — is spoken in the esoteric tradition. And, indeed, science found that the median ridges of the Atlantic ocean — mountains the once impoverished continent. The legend also States: "its Northern outskirts of Atlantis stretched a few degrees East of Iceland, including Scotland, Ireland and Northern England, and South to where is now Rio de Janeiro, including Texas, Mexico, Gulf of Mexico and part of the United States of America. The present Azores were the inaccessible peaks of the highest ridge of the continent of Atlantis."

Atlanta reached a high level of knowledge, under the guidance of Divine Teachers — a Hierarchy of Forces of Light on our planet. From them the Nations of the ancient continent embraced the belief in a Supreme cosmic being that permeates all things. The legend says that "thus was established the cult of the Sun, as the symbol of this highest concepts. To glorify the luminaries of Atlanta erected on the peaks of the structures which were determined by annual rotation of the Sun." The famous megaliths of Stonehenge (England) are in such an iconic building: the island of great Britain was once the mountainous part of ancient Atlantis. Zoroastrianism and other solar cults originate from Atlantis.

Amazing grace History shows that all ancient cultures had periods of prosperity and decline. So it was in ancient Atlantis. The people of Atlantis — the Toltecs created a mighty Empire. After long civil wars separate tribes merged into one large Federation, the head of which was the Emperor. For thousands of years Toltecs reigned over the whole continent, achieving enormous power and wealth. It was an era of peace and prosperity throughout the race. Throughout the era of Devoted — envoys of the hierarchy of Light, emperors, priests, scholars rightly ruled the people. Under their leadership, the flourishing of science and art. That era was the Golden age of Atlantis.

On the capital of Atlantis the city of the Golden Gate, as well as on the continent, tells us in his dialogues "Timaeus" and "Critias" the Greek philosopher Plato, who learned from the Egyptian priests about the existence of the once prosperous country of the Atlanteans. Plato, who studied in Egypt, has also elicited from the priests on the existence and size of the last stronghold of Atlantis — island Poseidonis. Scientifically established that the words "Atlas" and "Atlantic" is not Greek, and cannot be attributed to any language of the old world. But in the language of the Toltecs, now living in America, we immediately find the root of the "ATL" which means water, the war, the crown of the head. From this root is a series of words, such as Atlan — the land among the waters, where it turned the adjective "Atlantic".

"The main focus of art was at that time the architecture — narrate esoteric texts. — Public and residential buildings, surrounded by beautiful gardens, was struck by their massiveness and giant sizes. Temples consisted of a huge hall, similar to the giant halls of Egypt."

For visual representation we take the architecture of the temple of the ancient Egyptian city of Karnak. "None of the modern people has not elevated the art of architecture to such an extent, to this magnitude and grandeur, as the Egyptians, who inherited the beauty and grandeur of buildings from the ancient Atlanteans. Imagination, which soars above our porticos, basileuses stops and falls at the foot of the colonnade of Karnak of the 140 columns. In one of its rooms could fit the entire Notre Dame Cathedral, he still would not reach to the ceiling and would be considered a small decoration in the room»,



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