The triptych is the forgotten universal religion

Bespretsedentnye new archaeological evidence that high-tech "Lost Civilization" flourished in a remote past.

No records that would say about the contact between the ancient civilizations separated by an ocean. How, then, can explain the Parallels of the ancient culture of Triptych Temples? Does this mean that they shared the same religion?
The presence of Triptych temples worldwide throws enormous challenge in modern history. The theory of "Atlantis" — has much deeper roots than presently accepted by science; it is one of the major neglected episodes in the history of humanity; an advanced ancient culture once flourished but was destroyed by a cataclysm.

Two different versions of the story:

We already know the dominant version of the history books;
But there is another, more mysterious hidden history that is not so widely known.
This little-known history describes the world culture which have inherited vast knowledge and ability from an older, more sophisticated but now-vanished culture, a great Kingdom of Atlantis, which had been the residence of the advanced and spiritually sophisticated people.

This hidden history was proposed and supported in the Victorian era scholars and archaeologists in the 1800s., after they discovered a series of mysterious ancient cultural Parallels worldwide:

How can we explain the Parallels between the building of the pyramids, arches and modificaci? To the Victorians it seemed impossible that such societies could have evolved separately, it would be logical that they are all descended from one parent source — Atlantis.

The historical model of Atlantis was unchallenged for many decades. But in the middle of the 20th century suddenly refused her existence, when a new wave of Western scholars declared that not enough evidence to accept these historical data.

All these temples exhibit the same parallel architecture, as if it was constructed by masons sharing the same knowledge base and the religion of the ancients.In fact, the Triptych is the forgotten universal religion of antiquity-a legacy of a much older, lost civilization, Atlantis.

It is the universal religion of the triptych was contained what modern scholars call a "School secrets" of the ancients. The doctrine of the schools of Mysteries were said to contain secrets of the Universe and the keys to greatness and magical practices. They were carried out with the highest degree of secrecy.

The members of the Mystery Schools were endowed with extraordinary insight and superhuman qualities and abilities. The ancestors of modern Western thought — Homer, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle — was dedicated to her. They — some of who changed the history of his philosophy and advanced knowledge.

At the dawn of Christianity came a period of great change. In the quest of gaining power over the masses, the Church began to eradicate all traces of the wisdom of the Mystery Schools. Even the famous Academy of Plato, which flourished for over 900 years from 387 BC until 529 ad, was closed by the Emperor Justinian, who claimed the Academy was pagan. As a result, the students of the Mystery Schools went into hiding. For the protection of great wisdom, they shrouded their ancient knowledge of symbols and placed it all under the tutelage of various movements "esoteric" communities whose members were included: Galileo, Copernicus, Da Vinci, Kepler, Isaac Newton, and Napoleon .

Ancient knowledge was fading more and more with each subsequent retelling, and as Christianity grew to Empire status, the teachings began to die out. Ancient Triptych temples fell into ruins as the wisdom they once held. It turned out that many, if not all, communication from the source was broken, or so confusing that the ancient truth of the mystery is about to be lost.

It was in this era that a powerful secret society called the Masonic fraternity — the Freemasons — entered the scene of history with the purpose of protecting this knowledge. They began the triumphant search of this ancient knowledge, to keep the details of the "school of mysteries".

By order of the Church to build Gothic cathedrals in Europe, the Freemasons secretly encode the wisdom of the triptych in the facades of churches, castles, cathedrals, stone landmarks, reliefs, monuments and statues, where they remain hidden to this day.

This partly explains why countless medieval Gothic cathedrals built by the masons look the same.

Gothic cathedrals with Triptych entrances.The hidden design in churches, castles, cathedrals and other sacred structures shows us that the Freemasons fully understood the ancient legacy of the triptych.

"The da Vinci code" contains the ancient Triptych behind Christ! Leonardo da Vinci encoded the Triptych and its esoteric meaning. This fact is still not recognized by scientists.



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