That hide the depths of the ocean

Thirty two million nine hundred sixty one thousand eighty six

The study of the bottom of the ocean the concept is quite relative. Humanity may be as many harp on the conquest of water, but it is not so. The fact that the most experienced divers are able to be at depths of several kilometers, and it is very limited time. Almost all work is done by robots, as our body is not able to bear any pressure, not so low temperature. Ancient civilization, famous ships that dominated water spaces, and whole continents today lie at the bottom of the ocean. The tiny fraction of all this heritage discovered. A huge number of artifacts still belong to the ocean.

For starters, it is worth noting that one of the main sources of information are the various folklore and folk tales. One example is mermaids. There are records from the logbooks of medieval times. She also found personal diaries of the "sea wolves", which crossed the ocean in the 19th century. In these finds there are entries in which people described a creature having a fish tail instead of lower extremities, and above the human body. Of course, scientists claim that, most likely, these recordings were made in the stage of alcoholic intoxication. After all, alcohol helped to overcome fear. However, today these things describe the people living in coastal areas. Treasure seekers, plunging to great depths, claim that they met similar creatures. But marine researchers are not so talkative, but despite this, they also confirmed that they had seen something similar. Such information immediately becomes classified. But in all these stories there is one significant coincidence: these creatures are encountered at great depths.

What really are these beings? Would it be safe to say that this is not an ancient civilization mentioned in the records of the ancient thinkers? Famous Plato describing Atlantis, saying that it was the state with the people, endowed with supernatural capabilities. It is known that Atlantis disappeared in one day and hit rock bottom. But killed all its inhabitants? Those who are engaged in the study of Atlantis and quest Atlantis are inclined to believe that supermen could easily adapt to life under water.

Oceanographers are continuing disputes about whether it is possible at the bottom of the ocean a full life. Some claim that at depth, the cold and eternal darkness can only exist certain groups of bacteria. During natural disasters that cause a storm, the excitement often comes to the ocean depths. Thus, located at a depth of items are on the shore. Coastal residents after the storm, found by the side of different items, for example, from long-sunken ships: buoys, pieces of skin and various household items. Often it and produces information about the sunken ships. Sometimes the waves wash up what you can not explain the researchers. After a strong storm on the coast of Florida discovered the creature. Its length was two feet. Had side fins and a tail, and three pairs of limbs. The eyes of the creature were absent, this suggests that it lived in deep water, because the eyesight was not required. At the time of detection of the substance the process of decomposition was very fast, and this is typical jellyfish, but not for complex organisms. After a couple hours of sun exposure from finds nothing left.

Mankind must remember that only 30% of earth is land. The power of the water element is unable to resist the most modern ships. While on the pier, they create a false impression of invincibility. Only in the open sea begin to realize their insignificance compared to the power of the water element.published


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