The words of a Frenchman about Russia

I do not love Russia, I do not like Putin. Just I am ashamed for our country, for a great France, I'm ashamed that a country with a great culture, my France, which gave the world the great mathematicians, philosophers, writers, artists, composers; a country that has won the whole of Europe, is now the country does not have its own opinion, nobody asks us, and if we say something, it is only when we are allowed to. The president of the French Republic does not have its detached position. No, absolutely. Because in France diplomatically subordinated to the United States for a long time. By the way, I am very sorry that the president does not protect the interests of France. It is, first and foremost, to protect the interests of the United States and toward Russia conducts the Cold War. And it is absolutely clear. The impression is that in Russia there are worse than in Soviet times. I know that in France there were many people who are complacent attitude to the Soviet Union because they were ideologically close. But it seems to me that the doors to slam the nose of Russia - this is not the way to negotiate with this great nation, a great economic power. This must be taken into account.
I do not like Russia! Why is that? There are many reasons!
But I respect the Russian people: it is brave, strong, courageous, people. All Russian, I've met have always been proud of our country! They told me about Russian art icons, the church, the fortress, the Kremlin.
They are very proud of their history. Conquest of Siberia, winning the Tatars and Turks. Russia was the first country that launched the satellite into space, and then the rocket. The first man, who was in space was Russian. Finally, the Russian were the first to build a space station.
And how many of the great scientists were born in Russia! Russian can be proud of.
And today in the forefront of Russia: it is upgrading its city, reforming the army, winning the respect of the world. It is wonderful! Why are we French, we are not less Russian can be proud of its history, why should we be miserable plebs on the political map of Europe, dancing to the US whistle, closing the mouth and eyes where we have always been masters? Where is our sense of belonging as a great country, and to the nation? Why Russian realize it, and we do not?
I know that in Russia there are a lot of great people: non-Western wimps (who were especially numerous in France), Russian women are feminine and courageous men.
Russia is a country with a special way, European but not Western. The sense of political freedom, it is the last country in Europe which are not placed on the knees.
In the photo: The village of Paris, Chelyabinsk region



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