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About the famous clairvoyants and prophets heard the whole world
The most famous of them - the Trojan princess Cassandra and the medieval astrologer Nostradamus. But each of us can bring a lot of strange stories and from my own experience: the case of, for example, that the mother of a premonition danger to his son ...

Psychologists call this ability "sixth sense", psychics - the third eye, the priests - a guardian angel. But its mechanism still remains a mystery.

Mystic or knowledge?

Famous Swedish philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg, was visiting his friend in Goteborg, abruptly left the room. He came back with a look of alarm on his face and told the audience that a fire broke out in Stockholm, home of one of his friends was burned down and the fire gets to his home. Half an hour later, Swedenborg calmed down and said that the fire was extinguished. A few days later, when the news came from Stockholm, it's all confirmed.

Amazing misgivings related to the death of "Titanic": as many as 16 people from among the survivors of the passengers on the eve of the fatal ship collision with an iceberg in a dream saw the catastrophe, and one of the passengers tragedy dreamed before departure.

It was found that the number of passengers on trains and planes, suffering a crash, always smaller than those that follow this flight before the accident or after. Apparently, some people feel the impending danger, and instinctively avoid it.

Have a seat and completely inexplicable manifestations of "sixth sense." A certain Vera F. from St. Petersburg in the group psychological training told the following: "Last night I dreamed of her friend, she had a new unusual name. Consciousness caught on this fact, trying to fix it, but he woke up in the morning, remember her, I could not. I had to call a friend. In response to my question from the tube was made: "Do not rush things, Mr. Mezhelaytis has not made me an offer ...»

Do not think!

Here is an excerpt from the memoirs of the wife of the chemist Dmitri Mendeleev: "If he had to solve some difficult questions, he asked to tell at first glance my opinion. "Do not think, just do not think" - he repeated, like a mantra. I spoke first came to mind, and it became his decision ».

Dostoyevsky confessed that while writing some scenes of his novels, he fell into a trance, and when it came to himself, seen scribbled leaves. "If it were not for my own handwriting and style peculiar to me, I would call that a liar who would insist on my authorship of these lines," - he admitted.

Prominent Russian neurophysiologist, Academician Natalya spondylitis, many years headed the Brain Institute of Medical Sciences, recognized the existence of "intuitsionnogo Wonderland". From the point of view of a scientist, she reasoned as follows: "In fact, the work of the brain we do not know anything ... This is the most mysterious human organ».

But where the information goes to the brain? Some scientists argue that our subconscious mind is always aware of the future, it is a secret only for consciousness, others say that the brain assigns a similar situation. Still others say that the assumptions become a reality if we ourselves want it. One way or another, but the "sixth sense" allows you to comprehend the truth without evidence and logic. It was found that the best way it works on issues related to nutrition, health and interpersonal relationships. Psychologists say that women's intuition is better developed than that of men. It is proved that in extreme situations, it escalates.

All the children - clairvoyants?

MD George Dobrošov seriously addressing the issue of intuition to set up his laboratory for the study of psychic abilities in the SPC medicine and homeopathy Ministry of Health. He says: "Premonition - the simplest form of clairvoyance.

The phenomenon of intuition involved in hundreds of laboratories around the world. The most famous American psychologist George came up with Ryan. It is to guess what is depicted on the reverse side for 5 cards with identical "shirts." According to the theory, the common man can guess one card out of five. But people with heightened intuition guess three or four or five! When we tested a half thousand children from three to eight years, it turned out that the results are 30 percent higher than average. So no wonder they say that truth is the mouth of babes! So, an amazing event occurred in the town of Sambor, Lviv region. Young mother Oksana left stroller with a baby at the store, the baby suddenly cried hysterically. Mother jumped into the street, barely had time to grab his arms - in the stroller at breakneck speed crashed into the car ... »

So do not shrug off the anxiety suddenly arisen in the chest - suddenly it's "sixth sense" wants to tell you something important?

Exercises to practice intuition

Take several identical envelopes and put them in one photo, and then mix and try to determine where whose photograph is.

* Pull out from the pack "face" up one card. Not turning her name color of the suit.

* Every time someone rings the doorbell or telephone, try to guess who it is.

* From time to time, imagine what would happen in the near future and then "reconciliation at" these images of the real situation. But to focus only on the positive fantasies!


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