Researchers found on the Martian surface moist soil

On the surface of the red planet was detected with a high ground water content. This was reported by "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" referring to the deputy nauchruka experiment DAN Maxim Litvak. Scientists have to figure out why some parts of the Red Planet were "oasis" in the middle of the Martian desert.

Also, according to Litvak, researchers surprised by the fact that parts of the surface of Mars are divided into two equal groups. In the first - under dry topsheet (1 per cent liquid) is a second, more wet (liquid 3-4 percent). In areas of the second group is the opposite: the wet layer is placed over dry.

Based on studies of the rover, NASA scientists have concluded that in the past on Mars could live microbes. On the optimistic tune first study of water. Earlier rover Oportyuniti already showed the water, but it was so high acidity, which eliminates the possibility of life on the Red Planet.

Reports of the discovery of traces of life on Mars appear periodically. These, according to Litvak, should be treated with caution. On one side was a tremendous amount of work, and on the other - it is necessary to take into account the complexity of the research.

In 2012, scientists have suggested that the surface of Mars, despite the existence of ice was waterless for hundreds of millions of years. This made the environment of the planet uninhabitable all forms of life.


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