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Competition-2061 Soviet Union: choose the winners!

"The future has to be such that he wanted to live" - ​​under this motto, the first contest of fantastic illustration of "USSR-2061».

The setting of the contest is simple: 2061. Soviet Union completes the first stage of terraforming Mars.

Instead of long speeches here - a few tens of pictures there. They will say it yourself. The link - work and vote. Multi-selection and anonymous comments included. Clickable everything. If you have an account in order to vote, just write a few warm words of the artist - it is more important than any prize. Watch, enjoy and choose the winners! Let's go!


Sunrise Red Planet (Anastasia Chumachenko mayskaya_groza)
Deployed in the sky projection on which people are watching broadcast from Mars.


Mars + SOVnano = PROFIT! (Alexander «zombosaur» Orlov)




Space Museum, 2061 (Elena "Ney" Machinskaya)


Transport from the Earth (Vladimir Zasipkin)


Canteen (Daria ami_mercredire Yatvitskaya)


Now everything will be new (Elizabeth 'Elo4ka' Ulyanov)


Marsa Armavir (Nina Shekhovtseva)


The return of "Martians" (Sergey 'yo_boroda' Erusalimtsev)


First on Mars (Max dalaukar Olin)


With a small ... (Katerina 'LLIEP' Shvets)
In the dining room, on the selected patch played "colonizers" kids. When it became clear that the annual flight is nearing completion favorites of the entire crew, Seraphim and Arkady could not sit still. Their father - Warrant Officer Borisov with the permission of the captain gave the guys training geokonstruktor.

Kashka, fields, and here too - the girl planted apple trees on the surface of Mars, toy, trees clung to the ground grudgingly, soil absorbs water instantly. Boy briskly walked around the table, with a watering can to help her sister.

In front of the planet lies too soon grow forests. For the past fifteen years as people settled in the red. However, the dome, providing life, can not accommodate the ever-growing young company because at the next Congress it was decided to start a program for greening the planet.

There, under the oxygen atmosphere young biologists and agronomists, technicians and ordinary tractor working on the Martian virgin land, planted young trees that will enhance soil and give protection from dust storms. Specialists revive the desert and steppe land on the Red will not remain without work. Kids Mars for the past lifeless planet remind a second name.


The day before the target (Olga Golubeva)
On the eve of the completion of the work on climate dome station engineers work late. The setting sun gives the shuttle equipment and supplies to the space station.


Commemorative stamp (Sergei Kiryanov)


Someone Koori proposed an alternative vision of Mars:

Radical project: Last bomber
After all the research base were abandoned crews and desolate planet, was launched forced bombardment Mars asteroids found in the asteroid belt, or taken from the rings of Saturn. Objectives have been three bombings - bring water to Mars, change its orbit to a more stable and close to the sun and change the characteristics of the soil and atmosfery.Takzhe planned to slightly increase the force of gravity. The bombing was carried out with the help of the fleet of shuttles series "Beryl" from the Soviet side, and a variety of ships of other Member States, serving as tractors, suggests the asteroids in the "target", that is the necessary square, and like dive-bomber, after uncoupling went into a high orbit of Mars for refueling and the flight of the next asteroid. The bombings were continuously for more than 12 years, despite periodic military conflicts in the world.


Radical project: Station 6
Without waiting for the end of the bombing, which appeared to have water basins were issued algae to create an atmosphere of nitrogen and oxygen, but the first two attempts failed, as land plants have fallen victim to the Martian "natives." But the third attempt was successful, in fact, joined the kinds of symbiosis.

After the end of the bombing commenced major construction. The first began construction of plants to create its own Mars ionosphere and warming of the soil. Installations for the creation of the ionosphere (Figure "Mars 2") were large enough, and began building his kind of city-forming. Their construction is actively used local materials, and even during the building they were working at low power to ensure the protection of construction workers and building familiar to terrestrial organisms and a number of electromagnetic field technology. At the same time went on and the building of settlements, scientific stations, ports and airports first.


Radical Project: Flight
The atmosphere became thick enough, there were clouds. Aircraft, mostly converted former military intelligence officers were engaged in photo-reconnaissance, fence and analysis of atmospheric temperature measurements, the content of methane produced by local bacteria - before the construction of metanodobyvayuschih station emissions were not uncommon, and is a great danger, and their discovery was an important task, measuring at different altitudes and areas of radiation and electromagnetic field levels. On the Soviet side was engaged Squadron "Cyclone", flying mainly on distant relatives of the Yak-28, Yakovlev, Irkut-228TS.

The first phase ended 17 years after the beginning of development. During this time, the world has seen many changes, including numerous associations. Out of this stage of the symbolic - "ignition" permanent aurora. Despite the fact that the majority of this event was a beautiful sight and an important date, many welcomed it in routine work, including pilots (Mars Figure 3). It is they - scientific squadrons - for many years, owed their safety of residents of settlements on Mars. Alerting some planes were lifted only after 40 years of the beginning of their work on Mars, many of them have become exhibits in museums or scientific benefits.


"Mars-2" (Ilya Zigangirov)


The planet on which our ancestors lived (Ira Gord)
My idea of ​​the future of Martian Bradbury. I imagine that after an active exploration of Mars it will affect the people so that they forget who they are and become Martian aborigines' swarthy and zolotoglazyh. " Here I have represented them.


Concepts in the history of "The Martian Union" (Igor Savin, aka igorsavin)

1. "Here it is - Ginger»
We went out to the orbit of Mars and dock with the orbital station "Ares-7", three days of wind circles the planet in preparation for landing. All my free time I spent at the windows of the review, admiring her red dream, which was now at hand.


2. "Circle of Honor»
I got lander "PM-17" - he was the first in the queue, which corresponded to my impatience. The same is certainly experienced and Erin, and Arne and seven others of our boarding department. Then everything was normal automatic mode, and we are ideally left to the Martian station "Mariner-2" located in the Valles Marineris. Making a U-turn, which I would like to be called "victory lap" lander slowly went straight down.


3. "Do not turn»
On the surface we have been waiting for a team kosmodromnoy service - we saw it when scattered clouds of dust and sand caused by our appearance from heaven ... And they have to act quickly and harmoniously, undocked our rescue capsule directly to the transporter pad. When we took them to the station, hangars dockers have dismantled the cargo bay of our module, they are in a hurry - they had to take a dozen of the guests.


4. "The release of»
I suddenly and wildly lucky - after quarantine, immediately get into the expedition "nomadic" station "Bedouin-43" instead of a month or two wandering around the corridors of the base and carry out routine work. When the station, arriving at the point of deployment proceed to "unpack" the chief of the party Kardyshev included me in the first exit. He laughed a little, and I did not know that the beginning of "wash freshman».


"Serge, we flew again ionizer" (Artem "Watermelon" Bizyaev)


Bonsai (Catherine Schumann)


Unknown virus (kuzum)


Mars will be apple blossom (Alexander 'Veleper' Kuzmichyov)

Explanation to the plot works:
The figure depicts the biological Patrol Mars, discovered on an experimental site first germ of so-called "Martian apple."

So called colonists in honor of the famous song '60s of the twentieth century, the tree is the result of genetic modification G? Nkgo bil? Ba and adapted to the conditions of the Martian terraforming the end of the first stage. The creation of this type was the second and decisive success union botanists and geneticists after the appearance of the Martian polar lichen. Despite the apparent insignificance of the event from him count the beginning of the second stage of the transformation of Mars, which is characterized by refocusing efforts on the biosphere created and phasing out the use of a specialized industry for terraforming.


Big Syrt Gardens - early (Dmitry Teslenko)


Sunset (Greene Forest)


The museum exploration of Mars (Sergei Vasilenko mickron)


From the family archive (Dmitry schiva Narozhnyi)


Thoroughfares (SoftH)



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