150th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Vernadsky

March 12, 2013 marked the 150th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky - famous scientist, thinker and public figure of the XX century
Vernadsky was one of those scientists who conquers all, why would they not touched. Starting with the geology, it attaches to the development of this science mighty push, attracted great interest in the study of minerals, has made the opening of the State and the Mineralogical Museum, surpassing the existing framework of Geology, moved on - opening new branches of science (geochemistry, biogeologiyu, biogeochemistry, radiogeology et al.) and creating ideas, many of which are destined to be prophetic.

So, a few decades before scientific evidence asymmetry microcosm, a geologist Vernadsky wrote: "Space-time deeply fragmented, and the phenomenon of symmetry it can manifest itself only in limited areas." Years later, physicists, who until the end did not believe it figured out: in fact, the elementary particles distinguish right and left and move asymmetrically.

Vladimir Vernadsky foresaw the possible use of nuclear energy for military purposes long before the Second World War, predicted a sharp jump in science in the late XX century, which in our time to keep up the move. However, the main value of this great scientist and naturalist gave a global scale analysis and research of the subject of scientific knowledge, its role and place in the life of humanity and the planet.

The doctrine of the noosphere, Vernadsky created throughout his life, shows the human element of a single system, which starts from the smallest particles of the microcosm, and ends the process of planetary scale. The mind of man and his desire for knowledge, ordered in the form of science, should enter into harmony with nature and the planet, together entered a new phase of planetary evolution, where there are no wars and revolutions. And it is the human mind, subject to all other living beings on the planet should be the driving force of evolution inevitable, based on - the reasonable use of resources, scientific knowledge and social harmony.

And this idea does not lose relevance. The outbreak of the global crisis shows how depleted the current capitalist form of world order, as it requires a change. In terms of geology - this time takes only a moment, and after a while the mind of humanity and science will push it to the inevitability of major change - global setting the interests of each person as the most important priority.

150th anniversary of Vernadsky - an outstanding event of national importance, which does not pass side. So, in the archive of the RAS on March 14 will host an exhibition dedicated to Vladimir Vernadsky. It can be seen the manuscript of his work on the geochemistry, planetary science and other sciences, correspondence with Stalin, Stolypin, Leo Tolstoy, and other writers, politicians and public figures, many of his photographs, personal belongings and interesting documents.

But still I would like to present the main scientist was not an exhibition or monument, and the movement toward his ideas - towards a world where people live in harmony with nature and each other, where people are all the power and the main value, where a person learns and thanks this relentlessly moving forward.


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