In 2014, a hyperbolic comet collide with Mars

Astronomers do not exclude that in the autumn of 2014 the comet C / 2013 A1 may encounter with Mars.
At present, the exact trajectory of the comet is not installed, but astronomers are confident that it will fly very close to Mars. Also, this comet will be visible from Earth.

It is assumed that the orbit of the Red Planet Comet C / 2013 A1 crosses the 19 October 2014. According to the calculations of some scholars, the closest approach of the comet with the planet will be about 109,000 kilometers.

Note that astronomers observe C / 2013 A1 recently, just 74 days, and to make any accurate predictions is too early.

In the event of a collision, if Mars is on the path of a comet collision energy (C / 2013 A1 - hyperbolic comet speed meeting with
Mars will be about 56 km / s) is the equivalent of 20 billion megatons. As a result, on Mars formed crater depth of two kilometers and a diameter of about 500 kilometers.


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