13-year-old student calculated the probability of Armageddon

13-year-old student from Germany found an inaccuracy in the calculation of NASA with respect to the probability of collision of an asteroid with the Earth, reports AFP.

Nico Marquardt of Potsdam on the basis of the Potsdam Institute for Astrophysics calculated that the probability that the asteroid "Apophis" collide with the Earth is 1 to 450, not 1 to 45,000 as stated in NASA. The US space agency admitted that the teenage rights.

Nico took into account the probability of a collision, "Apophis" with one or more of the more than 40 thousand. Satellites that orbit the Earth at the time of its passage in the vicinity of our planet April 13, 2029.

These satellites are moving at a speed of 3 kilometers per second at a distance of 35880 km from the Earth, and "Apophis" will take place on the planet at a distance of 32,500 km. If an asteroid collide with the satellite in 2029, it will change its trajectory, causing crash into the Earth during the next round in 2036.

Assuming that "Apophis" really hit the Earth and fall, for example, in the Atlantic Ocean, it is a piece of iron and iridium 320 meters in diameter and weighing 20 billion tons will cause a tsunami that would destroy the island and coastal areas.

13-year-old discovered the inaccuracy of NASA, where he worked on his research project called "Apophis" - a killer asteroid "which he submitted to the local scientific competitions.

To date, "Apophis" -99,942 is the most dangerous for the Earth is an asteroid. In the view of earth scientists, he got in December 2004, when it became known that there is a high probability of hitting the Earth in 2029. A more precise calculation, however, showed that in 2029 the collision will not occur. Nevertheless, there remains the probability that passing in 2029 by the Earth, Apophis gets into the so-called "gravity trap", which after passing asteroid trajectory change so that it will inevitably collide with the Earth. As calculated in NASA, the likelihood that the heavenly body will pass exactly through this small region in space - one chance in 45,000.


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