Moscow seized stray dogs

Tetrapods "gangs" in the city were so many that deal with them, no one can

We did not have time to look back, and they're everywhere and seems to feel quite confident. I bet you have seen today is a couple? Flocks of up to several tens of them patrol the streets in search of food. That beg for handouts, furiously twisting tail and sweetly his tongue, then a muffled growl, ruffling the hair on the nape, is to come closer. Others do not notice people, nearly knocking down passers-by. The vast majority are harmless. But some already feel free and able on occasion to expose the teeth and not to embark on the flight, shamefully tail between his legs. Previously, they were caught and killed. Zhivoderov responsible for this matter, hated and despised small children adults. Now there are none, and limit the growth of the population strays no one else: a program of sterilization, now it is obvious to everyone failed. What can we expect from left to their own four-legged friends? Peaceful coexistence or savagery and aggression?

In Izmailovo Park began cleaning

April 4, 2008. On the main avenue of Izmailovo Park, choking, barking, it carried a pack of dogs. They, obeying instinct chase fleeing prey. This is the man, 55-year-old Muscovite Victor Gaydarzhinsky. Dogs are not yet resolved to attack, but the excitement of the predator causes them to forget everything, to pursue "production." Finally, jumps and grabs the leader in human teeth. Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-hoo-GUG-SUM! From the excitation breaking into a scream, followed by the rest of the jump ...

This case was told all the media, including us. A few days later, Victor died in the intensive care unit of blood loss. A flock that killed him, remains at large, unpunished.

In the queue for vaccination

In the emergency room at the Eastern District of rabies vaccination - queue. Despite the fact that now we need to make "only" six shots in the shoulder for three months (40 injections in the stomach do not do), patients do not become less.

 - Since the beginning of the year we received about 200 patients in the ligation and vaccination of stray dogs from biting, - she told the nurse at the trauma center 222nd urban clinic in the Amur street. In the emergency room clinic number 86 on lavender Boulevard nedolechivshihsya such patients - 180. In 69 minutes the clinic on the 2nd Vladimir street since the beginning of the year recovering from bites 101 people. It is only those who are threatened with rabies, ie saliva of the dog got into the wound. In the emergency room confirm that the actual number of bitten - three times (!) More. Total, the most conservative estimate of SES employees, against attacks by a pack of stray YTD 7000 people have already suffered. Many children.

 - Since the beginning of this year by the rabies injections takes 16 kids out of the Eastern District, which is bitten by stray dogs - told us doctors.

All collected and sterilized

But we are not London. In Moscow By 1 November 2008, officials had planned to build 15 shelters for homeless animals a total area of ​​over 20 hectares. There they decided to put just 24,000 stray dogs.

 - Estimated cost for the design of the object is about 90 million rubles, and the construction - more than 860 million - said our source in the city administration.

Indeed, why should we always be on the centuries-old tradition of the Albion, if the budget allows us to? ..

Yes, and sterilization until more advocates than opponents. Another thing is that it must carry out, according to experts, once and for all.

 - The money allocated each year from the city budget, commercial firms able to catch and sterilize 8 - 10 thousand stray dogs - says a former employee of soju Elena Vlazneva. - And you need to have at least 80% at one time. The result will be seen in five years - as an average dog lives on the street.


In Cherkessk plagued stray Bobikov

Authorities Karachay-Cherkessia allocated this year more than 700 000 rubles at the destruction of stray dogs. Head of municipal department of the City Hall of Cherkessk Valery Starovoytov ordered the destruction of all the homeless dogs after they have bitten this year, 106 adults and 24 children. Division of City Hall "Spetsavtohozyaystvo" has already managed to dispose of 317 stray dogs.


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