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Planck poverty in the US is $ 11,490 per year for a single person, $ 15,510 for two, $ 19,530 for three, $ 23,550 for a family of four. Immediately evident that the income which the United States is considered the poverty level, is higher than the average salary in Russia. Well, it's worth noting that the people of the level of poverty in the United States pay no tax, while the recipients of the average salary in Russia are paid 13% of his salary. Well, the average Russian spends half his salary on food, while the poor American food comes for free (the state provides bank card on which to transfer money each month to purchase food). Heating and electricity are subsidized. And medical care for poor Americans free, and better quality than in Russia. Well, the general price level in the US is lower than in Russia (with the exception of the bread that is in the Russian Federation is cheaper). It is a digression about the relativity of the concept of "poverty," which explains why the American poor and the unemployed are not standing in queues at the Embassy of Russia or other countries.

What is the portrait of a very poor Americans?
1. People with mental disabilities. Forced treatment is not here, and if a person has severe mental disabilities and no family support, then it will likely be very poor (and perhaps homeless).
2. People with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Well, everything is clear, and work hard to find them, and quickly earned money is spent.
3. Single mothers without education and without family support. In such a situation, the mother is very difficult to find a job that would pay enough to pay for kindergarten and pull the family out of poverty. There are state programs of support, but as a rule, many of these mothers are too irresponsible to use them effectively.
4. Older people are not sufficiently worked / economized to receive a normal pension. This category includes many elderly immigrants from Russia who come in old age in the United States.
5. Inmates who are released from prison. They find it difficult to find a normal job /

That these Americans recruited from 10 to 15% of the population, and they account for the vast majority of the poor. Illegal immigrants, I do not include here, because they tend to work and earn enough in order not to be poor.

Separately write about the homeless. Most homeless people - the poor (though there are quite secured homeless, ideological), but not all of the poor - homeless. By the way, in the United States being homeless does not mean that you do not have a roof over your head. In the US, a lot of homeless people, but most of the homeless do not live on the streets. Most live in hotels or (provided by the state) or in temporary apartments (provided by the state, especially for families with children), or in temporary homeless shelters or with friends, or at worst in their cars. Those who live on the streets, it's usually people with mental disabilities and / or dependency on alcohol / drugs. Moreover, each of them almost automatically receives $ 200 for food and $ 710 cash.

For example, photos of a typical shelter for the homeless. The shelter is funded by both government and private charities. This shelter can live up to 800 persons, and their services, medical and dental clinic, a psychiatrist, a conference hall, a church, a coffee shop, a kindergarten, a basketball court, and even a shelter for animals.

Bedroom. for family

The bathroom is adapted for disabled


Shelter for dogs (after all, homeless people can be pets)



Medical center

Court and basketball court

Outside view

Dormitory for people without family

But back to those who are not homeless, but just poor. How do they live? Here is a recent example I've come across. The family of Cuban immigrants, who for almost no English spoken. Husband - Get $ 710 disability benefits. Wife gets about $ 1,000 disability benefits. In fact, they are both able-bodied, but just do not want to work, and they are satisfied to receive benefits. So they pretend incapacity, say they have severe depression, and they can not operate. Not to reduce the amount of benefit, they are officially divorced. In addition, they get about $ 250 of grocery coupons, sometimes there are occasional part-time $ 100-200 per month, as well lease extension to their house for $ 450 a month. Also, the state pays them to mobile phones, and some of their electricity. Total, they get about $ 2,500, doing nothing and sitting at home all day. Medical care at them is free. No taxes, they naturally do not pay.

They live in a house with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 120 meters, with a fairly large plot of land on which grow some fruit trees - mango, avocado and coconuts. In their house, two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, office, patio with awning. The truth is they have a problem in the fact that in this house, they pay $ 1,050 mortgage. The fact that they bought the house 10 years ago for $ 100K, and in 2006, when the house went up in value, they made Most Viewed "refinancing cashing value." This is when the bank gives you more in debt than the debt on the previous mortgage. So they pulled out of the house $ 30K money and spend it on travel domninikaskuyu Republic and his native Cuba and the new Nissan Murano $ 25, 000. The truth is now paying the price for his carelessness, and pay a lot for your home. < br />

In a further extension to their house lived a young woman who recently came to the country illegally with almost victorious revolution - Venezuela. Extension of this - the studio, about 35 square meters, with a separate entrance, bathroom and small kitchen. About a woman I do not know in detail, but they told me that she goes to work at night, and sometimes comes back from work in the morning. Therefore, I suspect that it is working in the service sector. Now this woman is pregnant when she is delivered, it will join the list of the poor because it will be difficult to continue to work with the schedule. And maybe it will give him up for adoption, who knows. By the way, pregnant illegal immigrants - free health care, free delivery, and after birth, too, will get money for food, and how much money there is to life cash. And the child is an American citizen - is also likely for life to the poor.

And finally, a few photos of the poorest areas

The poor homes are always a lot of cars parked. Because a lot of people are living in the same house.

The police on duty at the crossroads

5 old machines have a house, a sure sign of a bad neighborhood

And here is the trailer park.



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