Not everything is in our hands

Mountaineering - employment for the strong. Strong body, strong spirit. For people who are used to keep the threads of fate in their hands. Only is it always all depends on the person?
Everest - as an illustration of this. The exact number of victims of the highest mountains of the world unknown to anyone. He does not forgive mistakes. Is the number of one hundred and fifty and above. Maybe two hundred. Maybe two hundred and fifty. It is difficult to keep statistics when climbing lovers go unreported. "Savages go in small groups of three to five people. And this is not an isolated case. People like to prove to themselves and others that they are worth something. Everest - good stimulus. But it happens that we can prove only that man is mortal.
On top among climbers go macabre tales. But even without the tales evidence enough. And there is no way to remove them. Helicopters do not reach here. Drag myself - a serious chance to join the dead. And lie on the slopes - from the first (officially considered) conquered the "Roof of the World" Mallory to the most recent. This is not to sentimentality and formalities required down there.
Strong wind combined with the snow crumbs doing their job, and over the years on the bodies of the flesh is less and less. And lie on the slopes of a reminder of their own mistakes or stubbornness. Or maybe just the fact that not everything in the hands of man.


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