I've always wondered how the mind of a person with a technical mindset. Here is how he manages to see in piling pipes or something similar occasion for improving the process. It's always fun - it inaccessible to your ponimaniyu.Ili, for example, the fig-invent and perform some experience, which has no practical application. Well, jokes techies - that's definitely something special. Are able to enter into a stupor, not only me, gifted, but also the whole technical service.
Now you know how you can bring to the tantrums airport security and at the same time with absolutely no sad consequences for themselves? Flew as a team of astrophysicists observe the solar eclipse. Departure from Domodedovo.Odin from the team took a piece of foil and cut out a gun according to the exact dimensions. Put in a notebook, stuffed in a backpack and put the backpack on the tape. Further, such a dialogue.
- Young man, what you have in your backpack?
- Nothing, books, notebook, laptop.
- I have a gun on the screen. This toy?
- No there is nothing.
- Open the bag. But without any sudden movements.
Security staff fit and surround. Nervous.
- Well, here you are. There's nothing here.
The officer examines things not find anything suspicious and asks for some reason, again put the backpack on the tape.
A young man is, you know that kidding? Look at the monitor. It's that?
- Do not know if you have any broken equipment?
- Now you broke.
The officer fell into a state of altered consciousness. Remove-supply. Recursion. In the end, the owner of the backpack relented and admitted that it had such a foil tab.


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