Medieval cooking

The first written "cookbook" is published in 62 AD. Its name is De re coquinaria, which have been described dishes that were served at feasts in the Roman emperor Claudia.
In ancient Rome, it was considered a sin to eat meat woodpeckers.
The oldest discovered soup recipe dates back to 6000 BC. Main Ingredient - hippo meat.
The Romans ate not sitting (it was considered bad form), and reclining on couches around the table.
The oldest chewing gum was found in Sweden in 1993. Lump of rubber, sweetened with honey, still bears traces of human teeth to chew it.
In the 13th century standards established by Pope pasta.
Romans as a condiment often used garum - a special paste made of slightly rotten fish.
During Queen Elizabeth Pepper was so expensive that sold for seed.
As the Romans served lemonade drink from the roots of certain plants, diluted with water.


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