William Blackstone of the US state of Indiana washing machine invented in 1874 as a present for his wife's birthday.
Who invented the hangers for clothes? Historians claim that the US president Thomas Jefferson.
Hungarian Laszlo Biro, who invented the ballpoint pen, was a sculptor and a hypnotist.
Italian pizza invented Rafael Esposito from Naples.
Countess du Barry, one of the favorites of the French King Louis XV, came up with a fishbowl.
Marion Donovan invented the diaper shell of curtain in the bathroom.
Coca-Cola, invented by Dr. John Pemberton in 1885, originally sold as a refreshing drink for the mind (brain tonic).
The first pencil with an eraser on the opposite end was invented in 1858 by Hymen Lipman of Philadelphia.
The first trash can with a handle for opening appeared in 1959 in Ohio.
Thor Bjorklund from Norway created the first machine for cutting cheese in 1925.


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