US taxes

The US tax code has 7,000,000 words, more than 50,000 pages of text, which is four times more product Tolstoy's "War and Peace».
The simplest paper tax form in the United States (1040EZ) has over 30 pages of descriptions and recommendations.
Many states require residents to pay taxes on the illegal sale of drugs.
In 1798 came the first in the United States taxes on land, housing and slaves.
In the US, twice as much tax advisers - accountants, lawyers and computer experts - the police.
In the US state of Alabama has a tax on playing cards - 10 cents.
Number of different tax forms in the US for 12 years (from 1990 to 2002) has increased from 402 to 526.
Most of all taxes collected in the states - 54% goes to fund the US Army.
An employee of any US company or a company can "lay" his boss for not paying taxes, and get a third of the outstanding funds.


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