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Tax card
In the XVI-XVII centuries cards were very popular. King James I of England struck just as people breed for money.

It was during the English monarch (the 17th century) there was a funny picture with the manufacturer's logo on the Peak Ace, as well as tax card. He issued a law stating that the maps should be special badges, which argued that the tax is paid.
Tax on sweets
Illinois, in September 2009, during this year has been set tax on sweets, which exceeded the taxes on other foods.

In this case, according to this law, yogurt covered raisins - is considered to be sweetness and drying coated with yogurt - unsweetened product. Just "Snickers" - the sweetness and "Twix" - no.

Tax on income athletes
In the US, taxes paid are the ones who arrived in a strange city or state starts making money. Since the state government can not keep track of all persons who arrived in order to earn money in another area, it usually aggravates their attention to the rich and famous people, so also for professional athletes.


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