Old medieval street, Shambles

Located in the heart of York, England, street, Shambles is one of the oldest medieval streets. It is often called one of the best preserved places of medieval Europe. On this short and narrow street is an ancient building on a wooden Foundation, part of which dates back to the fourteenth century. The lower street the houses are located closer to each other, so that their roofs almost touch each other. Shambles, so old that the mention of it is even in the book of judgment, which is more than 9 centuries. All this together makes Sembles the best preserved medieval streets of old Europe.

The name of the street, Shambles comes from the old Anglo-Saxon words Fleshammels (literally — the shelves with the flesh). It was a butchers shelves that have exposed meat for sale on the street. Many of the buildings behind was the slaughterhouse where the meat was laid out straight on the window. On the facades of shops and houses you can still see the original meat hooks on which it hung the sellers in the middle ages.

In those days there were no laws about hygiene and sanitation facilities, because all waste, including guts, guts and blood, is simply dumped into a small stream in the middle of the street, or just on the street, where he carried out the slaughter. The sidewalks were arranged in such a way as to be able to put the waste. This special channel butchers washed twice a week.

Already in 1872, on the street, Shambles was located 25 butchers. But because of the terrible unsanitary conditions eventually shut them down. Now meat shops replaced by gift shops catering to tourists. Here you can buy everything from jewellery and jewelry to Antiques. Now, Shambles is one of the main centers for trade in the city of new York, as well as a popular tourist attraction. In 2010, the street was voted the most picturesque street in Britain in an online vote from Google Street.


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